How To Store A Rubber Boat

How To Store A Rubber Boat
How To Store A Rubber Boat

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The sad experience of anglers indicates that improper storage of a rubber boat quickly destroys it. To avoid the loss of such a necessary and expensive attribute, it is necessary to take care of storage conditions in advance at the end of the season.

How to store a rubber boat
How to store a rubber boat


Step 1

Make sure your boat is completely clean. To do this, it is necessary to remove all the sand that has accumulated between the bottom and the side, and then thoroughly wash it. They do it as follows. The product is installed with a slight slope and washed with a hose, then turned over so that the water easily drains off. Then wipe off all damp areas with a dry cloth.

Step 2

Dry the product. Pay special attention to the tape connecting the bottom and sides. Let all the air out and turn the bottom out. Remember to unscrew the valves. With this manipulation, water or condensation accumulated inside the sides will be removed.

Step 3

When the boat is dry, inspect it carefully and use chalk to mark any areas that show scuffs or cracked rubber. To check for gaps, apply soapy water to the worn areas - if it bubbles, then there is a gust. Glue patches to these areas using special glue.

Step 4

Pour talcum powder inside the boat, and also treat its surface with it.

Step 5

Do not store the boat in the carrying bag. This is fraught with premature cracks in the folds. Reposition the garment at least once every two months. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the previous folds do not coincide with the new ones. Be sure to turn the inner chambers inside out and change the air in them.

Step 6

Keep the boat in a dry place, the temperature in which should be at least ten, but not more than twenty degrees. Protect the product from direct rays and be aware of fire safety rules.

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