How To Make A Rubber Band For Fishing

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How To Make A Rubber Band For Fishing
How To Make A Rubber Band For Fishing

Experienced fishermen today can name a huge number of different methods of fishing, depending on the season, type of fish, type of body of water and many other factors. One way to fish is with a rubber band. Fishing with an elastic band is simple and convenient, and both experienced and novice fishermen can make such a tackle.

How to make a rubber band for fishing
How to make a rubber band for fishing

It is necessary

To make such a tackle, you will need several hooks with leads, a fishing line with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm, a reel for winding a fishing line, the elastic itself, as well as a load and a carabiner for fastening


Step 1

The leashes attached to the hooks should be no more than half a meter in length. Install several leashes of different lengths on the elastic - make the leash closest to the elastic short, and make the long one, which is closest to the bank, long.

Step 2

To create a tackle with an elastic band, you just need to purchase a simple elastic band one meter long. In an extended form, it reaches four meters, and this will be enough for you for a full-fledged tackle.

Step 3

Choose a suitable and convenient device for reeling the line - for example, use an unnecessary spinning reel attached to a wooden stick for this purpose.

Step 4

Also, consider a system for attaching the elastic to the line. The fastening must be strong, and at the same time it must not damage the elastic band and must not spoil it. It is convenient to use a simple carabiner as a mount.

Step 5

Secure the weight on the elastic in any way convenient for you. The weight of the load should be at least a kilogram, especially if you are going to cast the gear far from the shore. If necessary, pull the elastic back to the shore using a special device.

Step 6

When storing the tackle, do not stretch the elastic, but store it in a loosely wound state. This will help the elastic not lose its elasticity and stretch, which means your tackle will last you longer with proper care.