How To Crochet Stockings

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How To Crochet Stockings
How To Crochet Stockings

Video: How To Crochet Stockings

Video: How To Crochet Stockings
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Crocheted stockings can be an indispensable wardrobe item. Knitted stockings are inexpensive, durable and comfortable. In addition, this product is unique because it is made by hand. An experienced knitter can choose any pattern for stockings, but those who do not yet have sufficient knitting skills should try to knit the lightest model first.

How to crochet stockings
How to crochet stockings

It is necessary

  • Yarn;
  • Hook;
  • Basic knitting skills.


Step 1

Select the yarn and crochet hook to the desired thickness. Cast on four air loops, and then join them in a ring. Next, cast on two more air loops and knit 11 single crochets into the ring. Close the ring by joining the last single crochet with the stitches at the beginning of the row. Cast on the two stitches again. Then work two single crochets into each one of the previous row. After knitting a row, close the ring again.

Step 2

Cast on two more air loops, and then knit alternately one or two single crochets in the columns of the previous row. Close the row by closing the ring. Next, expand the circle to the required size, alternating single and double single crochets. Make sure that the circle expands evenly and the edges of the product do not bend. Remember to close the rows by connecting the last column of the row with the chain stitches.

Step 3

After the circle reaches the desired size, begin to knit one single crochet in each column of the previous row. At this stage, part of the stocking is knitted from the tips of the toes to the ankle. You no longer need to add loops. Do not close the rows, knit the product in a spiral. Continue knitting the stocking until the garment is long enough.

Step 4

Divide the last crocheted row into three sections. Then knit two-thirds of the row until the length of the product reaches the heel. Then divide the last row into three pieces again. Knit the middle part until it is equal to the side of the stocking. Then sew all three pieces with a thread or crochet them together. To shrink the heel, continue to knit the middle section, gradually decreasing the number of stitches. In the first row, knit one column in every fourth column of the previous row, in the second row, one column in each column of the first row, without reductions. So knit alternately until the heel of the product reaches the desired size.

Step 5

The top of the product can be knitted in a circle with regular or openwork knitting at your discretion. Once you have finished knitting the stocking, secure and cut the thread.