How To Fasten Stockings

How To Fasten Stockings
How To Fasten Stockings

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Stockings are perhaps the sexiest part of a true temptress's wardrobe. Stockings were invented much earlier than pantyhose. They have always been associated with the forbidden and intimate, because the gentleman had the opportunity to see them on the lady, only being in a very close relationship with her. The fashion for stockings will never pass - they change, acquire new shades and colors, are made of thinner and stronger materials, unusual types of bartacks and holders are invented for stockings.

How to fasten stockings
How to fasten stockings


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The classic way of attaching stockings is a special belt with elastic bands or laces. There are silk, cotton, lace and even leather belts. Initially, the first belts had up to ten elastic garters, for which the stockings were attached. Today belts have only four, sometimes six elastic bands, which is no less convenient to use. Soviet industry offered ladies products mainly in pastel and white colors. Modern belts are distinguished by the most unusual colors, techniques of execution and, as a rule, form sets with stockings of various models. The elastic bands of the belt are easily adjustable in length, so you can use one belt for several different models of stockings.

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A garter corset is another type of graceful garter belt. The rationale between the corset and the garter belt lies in its location on the wearer's body. The belt is attached to the waist due to the difference in size in the girth of the waist and hips, and the corset itself maintains the shape of the waist, abdomen and lifts the chest, thanks to its design and pulling with the help of lacing and a rigid frame. Grace is one of the subspecies of the corset, which has less rigidity and more elasticity. However, the mechanism for attaching stockings to all these wardrobe accessories is the same - with the help of garters, elastic bands, laces and fasteners.

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The so-called alternative stocking models are an attempt to pair pantyhose with stockings. Simply put, these are the same stockings, but with a belt already sewn for support, or vice versa - tights, but with large cutouts in the front, back and on the thighs a la stockings. Such models have not yet received their own name. The disadvantage of such an industrial fastening of stockings is an elastic band, which does not have a sufficient supportive effect and a firm fixation inherent only to a real belt at the waist, which allows these stockings-tights to gradually slide down.

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Modern models of stockings do not require any additional attachments at all. They have sewn-in silicone rubber bands under the lace insert. These wide elastic bands keep the stockings firmly in place. They can be worn without a belt, corset, and in summer they are much more comfortable and more comfortable than in tights. The main thing is to choose the right size of the stockings so that the silicone lining fits snugly to the leg, and does not slide down with the stocking. When wearing such stockings, avoid using lotions or body creams - they deprive the silicone of stickiness, and the support effect disappears, the elastic easily slips off.

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