How To Understand A Taurus

How To Understand A Taurus
How To Understand A Taurus

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If you liked a Taurus man, it is sometimes difficult to understand whether your interest is mutual. Taurus needs time to convince themselves of their feelings. However, there are several signs that will help you understand a Taurus man.

How to understand a Taurus
How to understand a Taurus


Step 1

Do not expect a rapid development of the situation on the part of the Taurus man. It is quite typical for Taurus to walk around the bush for a long time and "look closely" at you. This period can last more than one month. At this time, a lively expression of interest in you, alternating with sudden coldness and detachment, can help to detect his enthusiasm.

Step 2

Ordinary feminine tricks, such as flirting and coquetry, have almost no effect on Taurus. Therefore, do not be surprised if a Taurus man does not respond to your flirting. Also, do not try to understand the Taurus man by trying to make him jealous. Your attention to other men, albeit ostentatious, will only repel Taurus.

Step 3

The character of Taurus is practical and slow, so even when a Taurus man begins to look after you, do not expect manifestations of violent passion from him. But you can definitely count on romantic walks, pleasant and lovely gifts, etc.

Step 4

Conservatism is a striking feature of the Taurus character. This also affects his ideas about the role of men and women. So, Taurus is sure that only a man can be the main one in a pair. Therefore, he will not allow a woman to interfere in his affairs, criticize his actions and doubt the correctness of his decisions. In addition, he does not like to be made fun of. If you are not ready to accept these character traits of Taurus, it is better not to respond to his courtship.

Step 5

Due to the same conservatism, as well as thoroughness, a Taurus man will be ready for a serious relationship only if he is able to fully provide for his family. That is, in order to stand firmly on the ground (and this is simply necessary for him as an earthly sign), Taurus needs to be confident in the future. Therefore, give him time to reach the required level of material stability. If a Taurus man reciprocates you, it is you who will become the mistress of his house.

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