How To Understand What Capricorns Like

How To Understand What Capricorns Like
How To Understand What Capricorns Like

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In order to understand whether a person likes you or not, you can turn to astrology for help. According to astrological concepts, each sign of the zodiac has several distinctive features by which one can judge the character of a person, his affections and demeanor. So, if your object of attention was born under the sign of Capricorn, then the following characteristics will help to guess about his feelings.

How to understand what Capricorns like
How to understand what Capricorns like


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A person born under the sign of Capricorn is very purposeful, but in appearance it does not seem so. Capricorns are able to disguise their intended goals with unsurpassed tactics in behavior. They are delicate in communication, but at the same time, if they have chosen a victim that they want to get as their companion in life, then they will easily do it. To understand if a Capricorn likes you, carefully observe how he treats you. Capricorns are unusually charming in communication. Men born under this sign are gallant with ladies and love to show attention to women they respect. Therefore, do not confuse the simple politeness and courtesy of Capricorn men with a really increased attention to you and dedication, as a potential candidate for his life companion. Men - Capricorns follow every word of the girl they like, comment on any of her jokes, support her point of view in conversation, even if the others hold the opposite opinion. It doesn't matter to Capricorn which side the truth is on, the main thing for him is to make the object of love understand that he can always count on his support.

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Capricorns are conservative in love. They prefer the traditional approach of courting a girl. Therefore, do not expect that he will invite you to the roof of Moscow State University, cover a festive dinner with candles there, and confess his love to you from a bird's eye view. Those born under the sign of fish are more capable of such actions. Therefore, if a Capricorn invites you to a slow dance more often than other ladies, invites you to go to a photo exhibition together, or asks you to help him choose curtains for the living room, then you have managed to interest him. With such actions, seemingly ordinary, everyday, the Capricorn man tries to get to know you better, get to know you from different sides, and then begin more active actions to conquer your heart, like a bouquet of flowers presented for no reason, or an invitation to go to the cinema for evening session, etc.

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Capricorn women can immediately make it clear that they care about you. Since people born under this sign are accustomed to achieving their goal, while analyzing all the moves, one cannot count on the first declaration of love on their part. Rather, they will do everything to hear the cherished words from you. You can understand that a Capricorn woman likes you by paying attention to her requests. So, she casually asks her to accompany her to the bus stop (she forgot her umbrella), fix the computer, tell an interesting story, etc.

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