How To Fold A Dollar Into A Triangle

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How To Fold A Dollar Into A Triangle
How To Fold A Dollar Into A Triangle

Video: How To Fold A Dollar Into A Triangle

Video: How To Fold A Dollar Into A Triangle
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There are several simple ways to attract money into your life and increase the money you already have. People have come up with a variety of get-rich conspiracies and rituals that actually work. A folded dollar bill is a money magnet.

How to fold a dollar into a triangle
How to fold a dollar into a triangle


Step 1

As with all important matters, carry out the procedure for raising money on the growing moon. To fold the dollar into a triangle, first turn the bill so that the portrait of George Washington is looking at you, the top is on the right and the bottom is on the left.

Step 2

Fold the upper left corner to the right edge of the dollar, then fold the bill with the top of the resulting triangle facing you to make a rectangle. Fold the dollar diagonally by folding the hypotenuse of the triangle inward. An inverted word one should appear in front of you. There are three additions in total.

Step 3

Fold the remaining bottom corners of the bill towards the base of the triangle and wrap them inside the dollar figure, while holding the layers of paper together. This is the surest way to fold the dollar into a triangle.

Step 4

Flip the figure over to the other side, and you will see an image of a pyramid with an eye at the top (the so-called sign of the Freemasons) - this is the front side of the folded dollar. The top of the pyramid should be pointing up, so turn the bill clockwise 90 degrees.

Step 5

Bring the dollar triangle to your lips and in a whisper three times read the spell: “As a strong river attracts streams, and the sea is strong rivers, as a woman attracts a man, and a man attracts a woman, as night attracts day, and day - night, so you would attract to like myself. May it be so!"

Step 6

Place the triangle-folded dollar in the smallest compartment of your green or gold wallet with the right side facing you and the top up. Never take out or unfold the bill again, so that the eye always makes sure that the money is not transferred, and attracts them to itself.

Step 7

Fill the wallet with money in sequence from large to small bills, put the coins in a special compartment. Keep your bills straight, so ditch the wallet in favor of a clutch.