How To Find Out Your Fate In The Palm Of Your Hand

How To Find Out Your Fate In The Palm Of Your Hand
How To Find Out Your Fate In The Palm Of Your Hand

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Palmists call the lines and signs on the palm of the hand signs of fate. Fatal signs on the hand can indicate illness and injury, sudden changes in life, a sudden change in life position. Palmistry tells about the characteristics of a person's character, his spiritual qualities, possible behavior, about what awaits him in the future. This science makes it possible for a person to understand and, possibly, correct his destiny.

How to find out your fate in the palm of your hand
How to find out your fate in the palm of your hand


Step 1

Don't guess by any hand. First, decide on which hand you will guess - left or right. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between left and right. Some palmists believe that the fate of a woman is read on the left hand, and the fate of a man is on the right. There is also a fairly widespread opinion that on the left hand is written given by God, and on the right hand created by man himself during his life. The left one will show the qualities that a person inherited from his ancestors, and the right one will give an idea of ​​how a person disposed of his talents, how he developed abilities and inclinations. The most traditional approach is that fortune-telling must be carried out according to the working hand (i.e., fortune telling by the right hand if you are right-handed and by the left if you are left-handed).

Step 2

At the initial stage, conduct a general inspection. A person's hand type can tell you a lot. To do this, take your leading hand. Examine what skin is on the hand, feel it. If the skin is dense, rough, it means that the owner of the hand has a straight character, and if the skin of the hand is transparent and cold, you are dealing with a refined nature. Information about the various qualities of a person will help you predict his fate.

Step 3

Pay attention to the shape of the palm and fingers. The owner of an even square palm is a straight, practical person. If you notice that your hand is outstretched, then such a person is often suspicious and impressionable. Short fingers indicate surface and energy, while long ones indicate pedantry and perseverance. Fingers of medium length do not distinguish certain qualities of character in a person. Take a look at your hand, palms and fingers. Pay attention to the flexibility of the palm, the length and thickness of the fingers, and the shape of the hand. Compare your palmistry data with your self-image. They will most likely match.

Step 4

Find the main lines on your working hand (or the working hand of the person you are reading by). Start reading the lines in a specific order. There are few main lines. This is the line of the heart, the line of the head or mind, the line of life, the line of fate. Also, the bumps on the palm deserve special attention. The line of the heart and the line of the mind carry general information about a person, his emotional background and the degree of intelligence. The two remaining main lines - destiny and life - will help you find out the fate. Breaks in the life lines may indicate abrupt changes in life, a change in worldview, obstacles on the path of life, and severe illnesses. If a duplicate line passes near the place of the gap, this means that the person is protected from the vicissitudes of fate, unexpected shocks and serious illnesses.

Step 5

Now move on to examining the line of fate. It tells about the destiny of a person and is able to reveal the whole meaning of his life. Each line of fate is unique. Not every person has a line of fate in the palm of their hand. Palmistry explains the missing line by the fact that everyone is ready to look for meaning in life for it, some do not understand why they live. People who from childhood are clearly aware of why they live and what they want from life, have an even and straight line of fate. If a person in the middle of his life's journey suddenly found himself and realized a lot, a clear beginning appears in his palm at the line of fate, which was not there before.

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