How To Make A Rubber Band

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How To Make A Rubber Band
How To Make A Rubber Band

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If you have very heavy and / or thick hair, it will be easier for you to make an elastic for your hair yourself, because many store elastic bands are not able to hold a large amount of hair for a long time and can let you down at the most inopportune moment for this. You can make a hair tie using the macrame technique.

How to make a rubber band
How to make a rubber band

It is necessary

You can weave a beautiful hair tie from colored rubber, getting a spectacular item that will not need to be decorated. And you can also from a simple one-color. In addition to 2, 5 meters of elastic, we need a needle and thread in the color of the elastic, several pins with an eyelet and scissors


Step 1

Fold the elastic in half and cut it. Now we have two rubber bands with a length of 1.35 m.

Step 2

We fold each of these elastic bands in half, put one on top of the other and insert a pin in the center, pinning the resulting elastic bands to a soft pad for work. This can be an ordinary thick pillow from a sofa or chair, or a soft back of a chair.

Step 3

Let's mentally number the rubber bands clockwise from the first to the fourth. Then we do this: starting with the first gum, we put each of them on the next. The end of the fourth elastic should be looped through the loop formed by the first elastic. Then we tighten all of them well. We make sure that the elastic bands do not wrinkle. They should be tight and neatly tightened, but they should not wrinkle and change their ribbon shape.

Step 4

We continue weaving in the same sequence as in the previous step. Then we repeat over and over. We will see that our hair tie is twisting in the same direction. This is exactly how it should turn out. We continue to weave until we run out of elastic. If we want to sheathe an elastic band for beauty, then this should be done right now. To do this, you need to make a "pipe" from a strip of fabric and thread it into a column of woven elastic.

Step 5

And the last thing we need to do is to sew all the protruding tails with a needle and thread so that the elastic does not bloom. When the ponytails are well fixed, we take a braided column by the ends and sew the elastic bands around the perimeter, pressing them tightly to each other. The hair tie is ready, we can put it on our hair and show off in front of the mirror or additionally decorate.

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