The Encyclopedia Will Accept: Salt

The Encyclopedia Will Accept: Salt
The Encyclopedia Will Accept: Salt

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Salt attracted the attention of our ancestors, who, with pensive faces, threw pieces of meat into the fire and sprinkled them with ashes. Ash contains potassium carbonate, which has a salty taste. Later they began to search for salt in sea water. For the first time, salt was obtained in 2000 BC in China. Over its long history, it has acquired the most incredible signs that are still observed.

The encyclopedia will accept: salt
The encyclopedia will accept: salt

Sprinkle salt - to a quarrel

This sign has come down to us since the days when the value of salt was equal to the value of gold. Such an expensive product was carefully protected, and any situations in which the salt crumbled became the cause of a major quarrel.

There are several simple ways to protect yourself from the negativity that spilled salt entails. Draw a cross with your right hand on a pile of salt, and then remove the spilled product.

Another popular method is to throw a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder. If this method is prettier to you, remember that you need to take salt with your right hand.

A sure way to scare off a quarrel from the house is to laugh loudly, as a reaction to the spice that wakes up. After you collect the salt, rinse it off with running water and wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Over-salted or under-salted

Over-salted food indicates the mistress's amorousness, under-salted food - the free heart of the cook and his boundless love for himself. It is not difficult to explain the reason for this sign, a man in love often hovers in the clouds and thoughts about the amount of salt in a dish visit him only when a surprised expression appears on the guests' faces, and a hand with a spoon freezes in the air.

How to give salt correctly

Often a neighbor comes in in the evening asking to borrow salt. Well, it happens. Remember that salt cannot be borrowed, it can only be given for free use. At the same time, do not give it out of hand, put it on the table and let the person pick it up. Be sure to smile kindly, then peace and good luck will not leave your home.

Salt will indicate a curse in the house

With the help of salt, from time immemorial, they found out if there was a curse on the house. For this, a frying pan with salt was put on fire and heated. If the salt has acquired a brownish tint, it means that evil has got into the house. White salt gave no cause for concern.

Salt handling

Try to use a lidded salt shaker. Such salt, according to legends, is able to save the house from someone else's envy and damage, to provide residents with a peaceful sleep.

"Don't leave the salt shaker open - the devil will spit." This belief in the modern interpretation is explained as the ability of salt to "remember" emotions directed at it and transmit them to cooked dishes.

Put salt first on the table - this is the key to wealth. The roots of this belief go back to the times when salt was of high value. Not surprisingly, only the very wealthy could afford salt.

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