Encyclopedia Will Take: Violets In The House

Encyclopedia Will Take: Violets In The House
Encyclopedia Will Take: Violets In The House

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People's signs are always of great interest. There is an opinion that they emerged from everyday psychology through centuries of observation. Supported by real events, they are firmly rooted in the minds of people, influencing the course of their lives.

Encyclopedia will take: violets in the house
Encyclopedia will take: violets in the house

The secret of influence to accept lies in the fact that what they expect happens to people. To a certain extent, the phenomenon of the persistent popularity of folk signs consists in the eternal human desire to shift all responsibility for their actions to a random combination of circumstances. This is what makes some people believe in them even now, in the age of computer technology. The corresponding signs can be selected for any area of ​​human life, they did not bypass the cultivation of indoor flowers. The violet suffered the same fate.

Signs associated with violets

Usambara violets are one of the most beloved flowering plants due to the variety of their shapes and colors. They come from the mountain range of the same name, located in Africa. The arid climate has contributed to the formation of beautiful fleshy leaves in them, which can accumulate moisture and evaporate it economically, not with the entire surface, but with numerous thin villi.

It is believed that with the appearance of a violet in the house, peace and tranquility reign in the family. This plant is able to smooth out any conflicts, helping family members to reach mutual understanding. In addition, the uzambar violet contributes to the achievement of material prosperity and well-being. Such a flower, placed in the nursery, helps to strengthen the health of the baby.

Violets of white color drive away heavy thoughts and relieve suffering. Blue flowers provide inspiration and encourage the development of creativity in their owner. The red violet helps a person get rid of the addiction to gluttony and excessive concern for their material wealth.

The negative impact of violets on humans

However, this plant is often associated with rather negative circumstances. For example, it is believed that a girl or woman breeding violets has very little chance of getting married. But this omen is successfully refuted by a large number of collectors and lovers of these indoor plants.

You can also often hear that the violet is an energy vampire. In fact, this is due to the fact that, like other plants, the violet emits oxygen during the day and, on the contrary, absorbs at night, releasing carbon dioxide. Lack of oxygen causes weakness and drowsiness, therefore, in order to prevent this, you just do not need to place too many plants, including violets, on the windowsills in the bedroom.

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