How To Use A Font In Photoshop

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How To Use A Font In Photoshop
How To Use A Font In Photoshop

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Fonts are used not only in graphics programs. They are widely used in Photoshop as well. Letters in Photoshop can be written vertically and horizontally, deformed and positioned on a variety of geometric surfaces. But that's not all. With the help of filters and special tricks, it is possible to achieve amazing effects.

How to use a font in Photoshop
How to use a font in Photoshop

It is necessary

Adobe Photoshop program


Step 1

You can position a font in Photoshop both vertically and horizontally by creating a new file. Then, using the Type Tool (Text), you should write the word in any font of any color. In order to make the letters stand horizontally, you need to use the Horizontal Type Tool. If you want the word to be written vertically, you should go to the Vertical Type Tool. Having selected the text with the mouse, you can change the font type and size. The size is also changed with the Ctrl + T hotkeys.

Step 2

The font can also be positioned on the surface of geometric shapes or subjected to various deformations. It is necessary to create a blank of any size in any color mode. Then, again using the Type tool, make the inscription. After that, go to Layers at the top of the command line and find Type - Warp Text. In the menu that opens, select Style and apply to the font. In this way, a wide variety of effects can be achieved.

Step 3

In addition to these simple font changes in Photoshop, you can do real miracles with letters. Photoshop lets you, for example, create a "gold" font. To do it this way, you need to create a new image in RGB mode. Use the New Channel button in the Channel palette to create a new channel. After making the Foreground Color white, make sure that the work is in the new channel and write the text using the Type. In order to continue working, you should rasterize the layer. In the Layers palette, right-click on the layer and select Rasterized Layer.

Step 4

We continue to write in "golden" letters. Use the Magic Wand tool or the W hotkey to select the letters. Tolerance can be set to any value except 255 and close to it. The selection must be saved in a separate channel as a mask. To do this, click on the white circle bounded by the dashed line at the bottom of the Channel palette.

Step 5

Now you should make the newly created channel active by simply clicking on it with the mouse.

After that, you need to blur it using the Gaussian Blur filter from the Blur filters section. The blur radius should be set to 2-3 pixels.

Step 6

Then you need to go back to the RGB channel and open the Layers palette. After making sure that the layer with the text is active, you need to perform the following actions. You need to open Filtres - Render - Lightind Effect. In the Texture Channel section, select a channel with blurry text. Leave the settings as follows: Light Type - Spotlight, Intensity - 35, Focus - 69, Gloss - 0, Material - 69, Exposure - 0, Ambience - 8, both colors in the settings are white. Then you need to give the letters a metallic look. Go to Image - Ajustments - Curves and control the curves to achieve the desired result.

Step 7

The final step is to colorize the letters to make shiny gold using Image - Ajustments - Hue / Saturations. Then you need to set the Сolorized checkbox and use the sliders to select the appropriate parameters. The knowledge gained from creating the "golden" letters can be used to invent other effects.

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