How To Play Rope

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How To Play Rope
How To Play Rope

Video: How To Play Rope

Video: How To Play Rope
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Those who studied in Soviet times probably remember the wonderful game "Rope". The meaning of this fun is simple: find a suitable rope or thick thread and create shapes. The origins of this game originate from Indian tribes, who, with the help of their images, told about an event.

How to play rope
How to play rope


Step 1

Play rope alone or with a group. Find a string that is tighter and tighter. The optimum thickness is 4 mm.

Step 2

For a better glide and performance of the elements, a rough surface of the rope is required. These qualities will allow you to complete all the exercises. For example, "Sun, Moon and Stars" or "Swollen Belly".

Step 3

There are three types of loops: long, short and medium. A long loop is needed to complete large figures on a string - "Two Bears" or "Two Roofs". The short one is for small ones, and the medium one is for small ones like Nanakoma.

Step 4

To create loops, you need to connect the two free ends using moxibustion or threading.

Step 5

Better start learning with the simplest elements. For example "Two Stars". The figure looks like two rhombuses united by a common string. The principle is simple: put a string on your hands and, by crossing one side with the other, create two rhombuses.

Step 6

Proceed after confidently performing this exercise to the exercise "Whole string". The thread is placed on the fingers of the hand. With the help of the other hand, the free-hanging side "travels" between the fingers. Then he pulls on the thread that connects the fingers, and a whole thread remains in the hands.

Step 7

Proceed with successful completion of light exercises to heavier tasks.

Step 8

Another version of the game is playing rope with your feet. The principle is simple: two tall people are selected, who take the end of the rope, and diverge in different directions so that it hangs down to the ground. And all the rest jump over the rope during its rotation, carried out by two holding ends. The rope should be tight and very wide.

Step 9

Another way to play is jumping over a rubber band, rope, and so on. For these games you need: a connected and a whole rubber band; rope suitable for height. It is easy to measure it: you need to stand in the middle of the rope and lift the ends up. Ideally, it should be under the armpits. They can be played alone and collectively.