How To Photograph Furniture

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How To Photograph Furniture
How To Photograph Furniture

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Photos of furniture are usually needed for advertising brochures, catalogs, for publication in magazines. The photographer's task is to create an attractive image of the furniture, to push the consumer to buy. Product photography has its own difficulties, in particular, insufficient lighting and limited space.

How to photograph furniture
How to photograph furniture


Step 1

First of all, pick up special lenses and arrange for good, correct lighting. For indoor photography, wide-angle lenses are commonly used to capture more space. But remember that it is these lenses that have large linear distortions, take this into account and correctly build the space in the frame. You can take several frames and then stitch the panorama in Photoshop.

Step 2

Provide for additional lighting - special lights, pulse flashes, reflectors. In furniture and interiors photography, lighting plays a very important role; natural light is often not enough for this. The built-in flash will also not allow you to take high-quality pictures. Consider the type of lighting and adjust the correct white balance depending on it. Set a low aperture value. Be sure to use a tripod as shutter speeds in artificial lighting and these apertures are usually slow.

Step 3

Check out the works of famous masters of interior photography, look at the websites of agencies engaged in professional photography of furniture, look through the catalogs of luxury furniture stores. Remember - photographs of furniture should be alive, convey the texture of the object, its warmth, comfort. They should not leave the viewer indifferent.

Step 4

Individual objects, details and pieces of furniture are photographed in the studio or on the road. When shooting, special photographic lighting is used. The supplied light emphasizes the shape, texture of fabrics, reveals the pattern of wood, shows the matte or gloss of leather upholstery. The required background is created during shooting or by means of computer processing. Furniture in modeled interiors is a beautiful and economical solution.

Step 5

Photographing furniture in a real interior requires special photographic lighting to show the desired qualities of the furniture and at the same time hide the imperfections of the interior.

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