How To Change The Font In Photoshop

How To Change The Font In Photoshop
How To Change The Font In Photoshop

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You can change one font to another when writing any text in the graphics editor Adobe Photoshop using almost the same set of actions as in any text editor. But in addition to the usual editors, Photoshop also provides additional options for changing the style of letters. Below are some basic ways to change the font and its attributes.

How to change the font in Photoshop
How to change the font in Photoshop

It is necessary

Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop


Step 1

Turn on the font toolbars. There are two of them - "Symbol" and "Parameters". Both of them are opened by selecting the item with the name of the corresponding panel in the "Window" section of the editor menu. The Options panel is a narrow horizontal bar that is usually placed below the editor menu. It accommodates a limited number of text settings, and the "Symbol" panel is intended for more subtle manipulations with fonts. Turn on one or both of them.

Step 2

Select from the drop-down list the font ("typeface") that you want to use for the future inscription, and in the adjacent (right) box, specify one of the styles provided in this font (normal, bold, italic and combinations of these three). The typeface list contains all the fonts that are installed on your computer. To replenish it, you just need to install a new font in the usual way for your operating system.

Step 3

Set the desired font size ("size"). It is not necessary to select it from the values ​​available in the list; you can enter the number you need in the box if it is not in this list.

Step 4

Set the color of the future inscription - clicking on the colored rectangle (in the "Symbol" panel next to it there is an inscription "Color") opens the dialog for choosing the desired shade.

Step 5

After that, you can start typing with the typeface with the parameters you specified. If in the process of entering the inscription it becomes necessary to change the font of any individual letter or part of the text - select this letter or a group of letters and use the same methods of modification as described in the previous steps.

Step 6

At the end of the text entry, you can also change any of the font parameters. You can select the entire text box to make the change you make to the entire text, but it’s better to just click an icon on the toolbar - for example, the very first one (Move). This will leave the text input mode, but the layer with the caption will remain active and you can make various manipulations with it, including changing the style parameters.

Step 7

Make the necessary adjustments to the font of the finished inscription, as described in the first steps, or use the additional tools of the "Character" panel. They allow, for example, to change the proportions of letters by entering the desired values ​​for the width and height in percent. Or change the distance between characters (tracking and kerning).

Step 8

Use the tools located at the bottom of the Symbol panel to transform the font of the finished label. They allow you to make the letters of the inscription (from left to right):

- bold;

- inclined;

- in capital letters;

- in capital letters with the same size of uppercase (small capitals);

- superscript;

- subscript;

- underlined;

- crossed out.

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