How To Play A Prank On Parents

How To Play A Prank On Parents
How To Play A Prank On Parents

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Playful pranks can always cheer up your family and make everyday life different from others. The most important thing is to pronounce the word "prank" in time so that the joke does not anger or offend the parents.

How to play a prank on parents
How to play a prank on parents


Step 1

Free your parents from preparing breakfast and ask them to let you make your own specialty. This will be the Sweet Tooth dessert. It is very important that no one sees what products will be involved in the preparation of this dish.

Step 2

Grate processed cheese, a few cloves of garlic and half a hot pepper on a coarse grater. Mix all ingredients with mayonnaise. The mass should be of such a consistency that balls can be rolled out of it. Form a few round candies and sprinkle with coconut, then refrigerate.

Step 3

While the balls are solidifying, prepare the bulk of your breakfast. This can be tea with sandwiches, scrambled eggs or pancakes. Then invite Mom and Dad to the table, and when it comes to dessert, take the "sweets" out of the fridge and treat them to your parents. Your culinary masterpiece will be remembered for a long time.

Step 4

In the morning, get up before your parents and glue their toothbrushes to the cup or other stand they are in with second-hand glue. Squeeze out the contents from a tube of toothpaste and use a syringe to pump mayonnaise or sour cream.

Step 5

Follow the parents' futile efforts and announce the draw, then give them a new toothbrush and continue to watch the second attempt at morning toilet. Most importantly, don't wait too long and hand your parents a new tube of toothpaste on time.

Step 6

Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw a tattoo for yourself, and fill it with hairspray for more realism. Step into your parents' room and show off your new underwear masterpiece. After mom and dad are surprised, be sure to admit to the prank and show that the tattoo is easily washed off.

Step 7

Prepare any dish, but do not salt it. And seal the lid of the salt shaker with tape from the inside. Invite your parents to the table and watch as they vainly try to salt their portions. After that, be sure to confess everything and give out a normal salt shaker.

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