How To Draw A Pirate

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How To Draw A Pirate
How To Draw A Pirate

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The pirate is a favorite movie and cartoon character, both for children and adults. Try to draw a funny pirate. This drawing will delight both you and your children, it will be quite possible to put it in a frame and decorate the children's room.

How to draw a pirate
How to draw a pirate


Step 1

Sketch on a piece of paper with a simple pencil. Draw a pirate's head and a skull bandana. Draw long hair just below the shoulders, the face: eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and, of course, a small mustache that blends into a beard. That is, draw the stubble around the mouth, and on the lower part of the chin, make it longer, braided into a thin pigtail.

Step 2

Then sketch out the torso, arms and legs. When depicting a view from above, do not draw the neck - it simply should not be visible. Now you need to dress your pirate. Draw a simple long-sleeved shirt without buttons. Draw a thick buckle belt, tall and loose boots. The pants will line up with the outline. Erase the extra lines with an eraser.

Step 3

In order to give your face liveliness, clearly outline the eye. Draw the iris and pupil. Leave a light spot on the iris to reflect the glint of the light. This will add realism. Darken slightly under the eye. The upper part above the eye, almost to the eyebrow, also needs to be darkened and the closer to the eyebrow, the lighter. Achieve the effect of a painted eye by lightly shading the pencil strokes with your finger. Do the same with the second eye. Create crisp, dark brows.

Step 4

Highlight the nose with light, short strokes around the wings of the nose. Draw in frequent strokes for the mustache and beard. Circle and lightly shade the lips. The lip line should be clear. Add ruddy cheeks by making light pencil strokes. Draw dimples by drawing a line at the bottom of the cheeks. Draw the hair with clear lines.

Step 5

To make the shirt look realistic, draw strokes along the entire outer part of it: the sleeves, under the chin, and also in the places where it connects with the belt. Draw the pants according to the same principle. Shade the belt with vertical lines, leaving a light colored buckle. Circle the boots and shade almost completely, leaving only the front of them light. If you wish, you can add a sword or a pistol under the belt, and also depict a triangular hat instead of a bandana.

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