How To Sew A Patch Pocket

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How To Sew A Patch Pocket
How To Sew A Patch Pocket

Video: How To Sew A Patch Pocket

Video: How to Sew a Patch Pocket. Unlined Patch Pocket Tutorial for Clothes 2022, October

Patch pockets in terms of prevalence have long been in the lead. They are used on sportswear and classics, on handbags and backpacks, on women's shirts and men's shirts. That is why, if you are learning to sew, it is so important to learn how to make a patch pocket.

How to sew a patch pocket
How to sew a patch pocket

It is necessary

  • - sewing machine;
  • - iron;
  • - threads;
  • - the cloth;
  • - scissors;
  • - tracing paper;
  • - crayon;
  • - felt-tip pen;
  • - overlock.


Step 1

Model and draw the shape of the pocket with a felt-tip pen on tracing paper or regular newsprint. Keep in mind that you should add half a centimeter on each side to the seams. Transfer the drawing to the fabric, for this use a crayon or regular pencil.

Step 2

Cut out the details of the pocket - the body and the piping. It can be made both from the main fabric, and from another, finishing one. A facing is made on the right side of the material and is used to process the top of the pocket. Instead, you can process this part with an allowance. In this case, increase the seam space from half a centimeter to a centimeter.

Step 3

Reinforce the piping with cushioning material. If you are sewing from stretch material, then reinforce the main part of the pocket.

Step 4

Sweep through all the cuts, then process them on the overlock. If using a welt, turn it over the front of the pocket and sew on the sides and top.

Step 5

Turn out the piping. You should get a nicely finished top of the pocket, and all the seams will be closed by turning the part inside out.

Step 6

Baste the pocket on the garment. Try it on to make sure the part “settles” where the model intended.

Step 7

Sew on the pocket with a sewing machine. You can use a double stitch or a single stitch, run it along the very edge of the pocket, or step back a couple of millimeters from the edge.

Step 8

Run the iron over the sewn pocket to make sure it fits correctly.

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