How To Carve A Sculpture Out Of Stone

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How To Carve A Sculpture Out Of Stone
How To Carve A Sculpture Out Of Stone

Video: How To Carve A Sculpture Out Of Stone

Video: How To Carve A Sculpture Out Of Stone
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Sculpture is a wonderful and very interesting art form. It can be made of bronze, wood, stone and even plasticine. Many would like to practice making stone sculptures. It cannot be called easy labor, but with some attention and effort, even non-professionals can make a wonderful product.

How to carve a sculpture out of stone
How to carve a sculpture out of stone

It is necessary

  • - drill-grinder;
  • - diamond discs;
  • - drills and chisels;
  • - hand drill;
  • - diamond sponges;
  • - a rock.


Step 1

Determine which stone you will be carving the sculpture from. Marble is not easy to process, but it is easier to polish than, for example, granite. Limestone is easy to process, perfectly keeps its shape, but its surface without special labor-intensive finishing will quickly lose its initially good appearance. Another soft ornamental stone like gypsum, calcite, is also not suitable for all purposes.

Step 2

Draw a sketch of the future product, or rather a few. From these sketches, make a plasticine model. For casting, you need to use sculptural plasticine, but in extreme cases, the usual one will do. The model will help you in further work on the sculpture. Use it to make a paper template - it will represent the silhouette of the product that should be the result.

Step 3

Cut off all unnecessary from the piece of stone chosen for work, checking with the extreme points of your model or template. Processing the workpiece must be done carefully - try not to chop off excess. For primary processing, you need to use a drill with a disc or drill, you can use a perforator, but only for material without internal microcracks.

Step 4

Continue to process the workpiece with drills and discs, gradually bringing it to the desired shape. For the execution of smaller details, it is necessary to choose thinner drills. For example, the facial features of the sculpture, hair, and other delicate work are best done not with a drill - use a drill for this.

Step 5

Grind the product with diamond sponges, sandpaper. You can use special polishing paste or other compounds that facilitate sanding and give a shiny finish to the finished product.