How To Carve A Toy Out Of Wood

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How To Carve A Toy Out Of Wood
How To Carve A Toy Out Of Wood

Video: How To Carve A Toy Out Of Wood

Video: How To Carve A Toy Out Of Wood
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When designing a turning toy, you will only have bodies of revolution at your disposal. But after all, all objects are based on three-dimensional geometric shapes, and four of them - a cylinder, a ball, a torus, and a cone - are patterns of rotation. Take a linden, aspen or alder for grinding toys, because their wood has the necessary softness, lightness, has a uniform structure and color.

How to carve a toy out of wood
How to carve a toy out of wood


Step 1

For turning wood from the end, use bars with a square cross section. Cut the block with an ax, try to give it a cylindrical shape. We cut the workpiece, now drive it into the tubular chuck, set it strictly horizontally.

Step 2

Turn on the machine, take a wide semicircular cutter. Hold the cutter handle in your right hand, and with your left hand press the cutting edge of the cutter against the hand. Hold the cutter at an angle of about 15-30 ° to the axis of rotation of your workpiece.

Step 3

Barely touch the blade, remove the shavings. Draw the cutter along the entire length of the workpiece until it becomes strictly cylindrical. If your future toy should be hollow according to the plan, then first of all grind the cavity with hook-shaped incisors, you can use rings. Expand the machine tool to the end surface of the cylinder. Make a preliminary mark with a flat cutter, apply clear marks on the surface of the cylinder with the very tip of the cutter. Select the cavity, now start drawing the outer shape.

Step 4

If you are making a toy according to a finished sketch, then apply the markings with a caliper, and use it to control the thickness of the product in the process of turning the toy. Focus on the marks, remove the chips with the middle part of the blade or its heel with a flat cutter. First, carve out the generalized shape of the toy, and then work out the individual details.

Step 5

Without stopping the machine, grind and polish the toy. First sand with coarse abrasives and then fine ones. You can polish the wood with dry horsetail, which you can find at the pharmacy. Toys made of wood with horsehair are well polished. Here, on the machine, cover the toy with varnish or wax mastic.

Step 6

You can make an interesting toy if you use plank blocks for turning. Glue them together so that each subsequent layer goes across the previous layer. To do this, choose wood with a pronounced texture and rich color.

Step 7

Connect the machined parts of the toys with glue or latex. Before that, at the joints, drill holes for the connecting pins. Let the assembled toy dry and then start painting.