How To Make Jewelry Out Of Stones

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How To Make Jewelry Out Of Stones
How To Make Jewelry Out Of Stones

Making jewelry from natural stones has now become not only profitable, but also prestigious. A well-made bracelet or necklace will be an excellent gift for loved ones for any occasion.

How to make jewelry out of stones
How to make jewelry out of stones

It is necessary

  • - natural stones of various types;
  • - wire;
  • - scissors;
  • - tools for working with wire;
  • - fishing line;
  • - clasps for earrings or necklaces.


Step 1

Before you start making any stone product, you will need to briefly study the features of working with this natural material, as well as choose a suitable jewelry model.

Step 2

Having picked up the scheme of the desired decoration, you should also buy not only stone beads, but also all the necessary tools and consumables. Take a close look at the jewelry model, manufacturing recommendations, and details to look out for.

Step 3

If you want to make a necklace, it is best to use fishing line or waxed cord. These materials will provide not only durability, but also maximum flexibility, which will make the jewelry as comfortable as possible.

Step 4

To make a bracelet or women's watch with a beautiful strap, consisting of bizarre links, you will have to use a wire that will connect the elements made of natural stones. Also, with the help of wire, you can visually give the product lightness and airiness.

Step 5

It is better to make the first products from stones on a fishing line or cord, since they require less skills. Also, such materials for the base will help you save time, effort and nerves, as well as make acquaintance with such art pleasant.

Step 6

If you doubt your abilities, find master classes on the Internet or sign up for courses, after completing which you can make a piece of stone of any complexity and model. Try to choose such drawings, where images of the future product are presented under each step of the work.