How To Learn To Draw Correctly

How To Learn To Draw Correctly
How To Learn To Draw Correctly

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You don't have to be a professional to become an artist and create colorful canvases. There is a misconception that an artist is not made, but is born. But this is not true - the ability to draw beautifully and correctly is the result of work and experience. And the gift of drawing can be discovered in yourself on your own through work, practice and experience. You can achieve success in drawing without even graduating from art schools, and even more so from universities. The main thing is that there is a desire to learn how to draw correctly.

How to learn to draw correctly
How to learn to draw correctly


Step 1

Purchase the literature you need. Read the basics of drawing, painting, composition. It's not enough just to read a book or flip through pictures, be sure to complete all the exercises that the textbook advises.

Step 2

Get yourself a notebook or sketchbook and carry it with you at all times. Only daily training for 15-20 minutes will help you gain experience. Sketch the passers-by. Man is the most complex subject of the image.

Step 3

Try to present any object in the form of geometric shapes, decide for yourself what forms it consists of. Observe the reality around you.

Step 4

Develop visual memory. You can re-draw an object from memory, and then compare the drawing with the original, correct mistakes. Just try to draw objects from memory, study the thing carefully and try to reproduce its forms on paper.

Step 5

Draw also landscapes, animals, people from nature. Use soft pencils B4, B5 for this, it will be easier to shade the drawing with them.

Step 6

Change the tool you use while drawing. Try everything: charcoal, pastels (soft, oil), watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, etc. Find what is more convenient for you to draw.

Step 7

Try painting a still life. At the first stages of work, use a few objects, you can even limit yourself to one. When drawing, take into account the axis of symmetry, the center of gravity, the proportions of the subject. Draw by the rules.

Step 8

Check your drawing. To do this, look at your work from the outside. Move 3 meters away from the drawing. You can also put your work next to the production and compare the original and the received result.

Step 9

Read books on Fine Art History. Build a theoretical and practical knowledge base in the field of drawing at the same time and in equal amounts.

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