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Felting from wool is a fashionable trend in design that allows you to create unique stylish products - from traditional felt boots to felt paintings. Each experienced needlewoman has her own secrets. However, there are basic rules by which you can quickly learn how to make felt from woolen fibers and make designer things. With the "wet" felting method, water and soap will be your main helpers.

How to play things
How to play things

It is necessary

  • - plain non-spinning wool;
  • - colored wool for decoration;
  • - corrugated mat or bubble wrap;
  • - hot water;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - spray gun;
  • - terry towel.


Step 1

Prepare quality material for felting. Only 100% non-spinning wool is suitable for you - it has scales on the surface, without which the process of creating felt is impossible. Under the influence of water and a soapy solution, the villi will intertwine with each other, forming strong adhesion.

Step 2

It is not a problem to buy wool for felting today - various kits for creativity are sold in stores, they can be ordered via the Internet or obtained from private traders. Before purchasing raw materials, consult a specialist.

Step 3

For certain purposes, craftsmen use different fibers. So, coarse guard wool is used for products that will not come into contact with the skin; combed (sliver ") - for the base of the product; fine hairs ("fleece") - for soft cloths. To make toys, combed camel wool is recommended, and for decoration - semi-thin and thin (from 19 to 29 microns in diameter) material.

Step 4

Prepare your workplace. You should have a container of water and liquid soap on hand. Cover the table with a rubber bath mat or a piece of bubble wrap (ribbed top!). Pour hot water over the soap and stir in the liquid.

Step 5

Try felting a piece of canvas, such as a wall panel. To do this, lay the wool in layers on a mat, stretching the raw material into flat strands. Place adjacent bundles slightly overlapping. In the first layer, all the villi should be laid in one direction, in the second - in the other direction.

Step 6

Make the required number of layers of wool, depending on the required thickness of the future product. Please note: the finished felt will decrease in size, so the volume of the laid out raw materials should be larger than the future product. So, to obtain felt 1.5 cm thick, a layer of fibers of 2 cm is needed.

Step 7

Dampen the wool with soapy water and start felting. To make the villi properly adhere to each other, make circular massaging movements with your hands. Gradually apply more and more effort, adding new hot soapy water as needed. It is believed that for a high-quality result, you need at least a hundred rubbing movements in different directions on each section of the canvas.

Step 8

When the wool grasps a little, turn the piece over and felle the other side. After that, you can lay out a beautiful composition on the front side of the future panel.

Step 9

Use decorative wool tufts, dyed in different colors. There are many decor options: small balls, "lambs" made of natural sheep wool, spirals rolled from bright bunches. For example, fold a bouquet: thin long bunches (stems), teardrop spirals (leaves), and round spirals (flowers).

Step 10

Moisten the panel with water from a spray bottle. After that, lubricate another piece of bubble wrap with soapy water and cover the workpiece. Pat the drawing well, rub it into the thickness of the canvas. Then carefully turn the piece over and work the back side. Work until the top decorative layer stops peeling off the base.

Step 11

Roll the workpiece into a roll (without removing the film) and roll it on the table. Then unfold the canvas, roll it in the opposite direction and repeat the procedure.If you have succeeded in felting the wool correctly, the felt will become completely uniform - the layers will be indistinguishable.

Step 12

Wash the finished panel in warm water, rinse in cool water with a little vinegar. Place the product in a terry towel and wring out without twisting. Finally, flatten it gently on the table and leave to dry.

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