How To Knit Patterned Mittens

How To Knit Patterned Mittens
How To Knit Patterned Mittens

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In winter frosts, you cannot do without mittens, and to cheer yourself up and those around you, tie mittens with a pattern. Craftswomen say that absolutely any ornament can be knitted. But for mittens, perhaps, a multi-colored jacquard pattern is best suited.

How to knit patterned mittens
How to knit patterned mittens

It is necessary

  • - 100-150 g of yarn of different colors;
  • - 5 needles No. 2, 5-3;
  • - ornament scheme.


Step 1

Always make a pattern before starting knitting. This will help you correctly calculate the required number of loops. To do this, cast at least twenty loops and knit several rows. Then measure the width of the resulting sample and divide the number of loops by this value. So you get the calculation of loops in one centimeter. Next, measure the circumference of your wrist and multiply by the number of loops in one centimeter. For example, the circumference of your wrist is 20 cm, and the number of loops in one centimeter is equal to two. Therefore, the typesetting row will be 40 loops.

Step 2

Start knitting mittens from the cuff. To do this, dial the required number of loops (it must be a multiple of four) and distribute them over four knitting needles. For example, if you have 40 stitches, distribute 10 stitches on each knitting needle. Close the loops in a circle and knit tightly with a 1x1 or 2x2 elastic to the required length. Usually the length of a mitten cuff is 6-8 centimeters.

Step 3

Next, knit with the front stitch to the base of the thumb. You can start knitting the pattern immediately after the elastic. Usually two or three colors are used for this. Knit the ornament according to the pattern, where one cell corresponds to one loop. Cross the threads on the wrong side of the product without tightening them. Otherwise, the canvas will be pulled together. From the side of the palm, it is best to knit with a checkerboard pattern. To do this, alternate the main color of the mitten and the color of the pattern every two loops and change colors after two or four rows.

Step 4

Having tied to the base of the thumb, remove several loops with an additional thread (their number corresponds to half the circumference of the finger). Cast on the same number of stitches and continue knitting in a circle, following the pattern. Knit straight to the end of the little finger (periodically trying on a future mitten).

Step 5

Now, make decreases on both sides of the mitten, knitting two loops together. When the last eight stitches remain, pull them together with one thread and secure. Thread the end of the thread inward.

Step 6

Next, tie your thumb (since the canvas is small, usually the pattern is not knitted on it). Put on the loops with additional thread on the knitting needles and cast on the rest of the loops around the edge. Divide them into three knitting needles. Knit round to the middle of the nail and subtract by knitting two loops at the beginning of each knitting needle.

Step 7

The first mitten is ready. Knit the second in a mirror image.

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