How To Knit A Turban Hat

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How To Knit A Turban Hat
How To Knit A Turban Hat

Video: How To Knit A Turban Hat

Video: How To Knit A Turban Hat
Video: Knitting A Simple Turban Hat - How To Knit A Turban 2023, December

A turban hat never goes out of style. It is good for both cool and warm weather. The hat will serve as a good addition to a business suit, airy dress or an oriental-style outfit.

How to knit a turban hat
How to knit a turban hat

It is necessary

100 g wool, needles No. 5


Step 1

Here's an example of how to knit a size 56 turban hat with a raised elastic band.

The number of loops for the pattern (together with the edging) should be divided by 3. The density of knitting is 1 cm 1, 5 loops.

Embossed elastic: in the first row, alternate purl 1, knit 2. Knit the second row and all other even rows according to the pattern. In the third row, repeat the sequence - purl 1, through one knit the front loop for the back wall, then, without removing it from the knitting needle, knit the skipped loop for the front wall. The fifth row and all subsequent odds are the same as the third.

Step 2

Start knitting a hat from the back of the head. To do this, cast on the needles 18 loops and tie with a raised elastic band 4 cm.

Step 3

Then, without changing the main pattern, make 5 additions in each front row. Add the loops with a yarn over to you, in the purl row, knit the front loop over the back wall. Additions are made in the first row after two front loops, in the next front row - before the front ones, then alternate.

Step 4

The paths from the purl loops will expand in both directions without skewing. When there are 11 purl stitches in the tracks, and 6 in the outer ones, not counting the hem, finish the additions. There will be 68 stitches on the spoke. The height of the product must be 16 cm.

Step 5

Next, knit 5 - 6 cm with the same embossed elastic band and begin to decrease the loops. To do this, in each front row, knit 2 loops together with the purl 5 times. Place the decrements symmetrically to the additions. Decrease until there are 18 stitches left on the spoke.

Step 6

Divide the loops in half and knit each half of the headband separately to a height of 28-29 cm. Cross the halves, sew the ends and, slightly setting the cap fabric, sew the headband. Pull 18 loops at the back of the head very tight.