How To Have A Pleasant Massage

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How To Have A Pleasant Massage
How To Have A Pleasant Massage

Video: How To Have A Pleasant Massage

Video: How To Have A Pleasant Massage
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Massage is a pleasant and useful procedure for all people, regardless of their occupation, since the back muscles get a load both during hard physical work and from sitting at the computer all day. You can help your loved ones relax and massage them yourself.

How to have a pleasant massage
How to have a pleasant massage

It is necessary

Couch, hard pillow, massage oil


Step 1

First you need to prepare a comfortable place for your "patient". Place the person on a couch or firm bed. If all the furniture in your home is soft, it is best to move your massage to the floor. Place a hard pillow under the patient's chest.

Step 2

Lubricate the back of the person being massaged and your hands with massage oil. A wide variety of massage oils are now on sale - soothing, warming, energizing.

Step 3

Massage begins with light strokes with both palms. Walk from the lower back along the spine up to the shoulder blades. At this time, the muscles of the back warm up, become elastic and thus prepare for the subsequent massage. The smoother your movements are now, the more successful the massage will be.

Step 4

After you've gently stretched your muscles, you can apply some force to your movements. With your knuckles, repeat the path described in the previous step, but you must move in a spiral.

Step 5

Imagine that you are trying to cut a patient's back with the ribs of your palms. With quick movements, first you try to "saw" into pieces one half of the person's back, then the other. Then repeat stroking your back with both palms.

Step 6

Now imagine that you are trying to pinch off a piece of tissue in the lumbar spine from a patient and "roll" it up, fingering with the index and thumb of the right or left hand. Once you have succeeded, repeat the movement on the other side of the spine. Then rub your back with your palms.

Step 7

Start patting. To get the right pat, relax your hands and tap the person's back with your palms.

Step 8

Finish the massage session with the same smooth strokes from which it all began. It should take you about 15 minutes to complete a pleasant massage.