How To Make Tin Soldiers

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How To Make Tin Soldiers
How To Make Tin Soldiers

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Many children remember the tale of the brave tin soldier. Well, boys just love to play with pistols, tanks, machine guns and soldiers. Of course, everyone can buy whole troops of little men for their robbers, but it's much more interesting to show, or even let the child try to make a tin soldier himself.

How to make tin soldiers
How to make tin soldiers

It is necessary

  • - a special mold;
  • - a small bucket;
  • - paints for painting;
  • - primer;
  • - tin.


Step 1

Place the metal in a ladle and heat it to a liquid state. Tin begins to melt at a temperature of 240 degrees, so it is best to use a special furnace for melting metals.

Step 2

Pour the molten metal into a special mold and close it. Let the metal cool down - this will take a few minutes or more.

Step 3

Open the mold and take out the casting. Now it needs to be prepared for further painting.

Step 4

Examine the resulting figure and correct it. Carefully cut off excess parts, poorly molded - file or solder. After all the details are clearly visible and the preparation is over, it's time for painting.

Step 5

Degrease the figurine and cover it with soil - this is necessary so that the paint does not fly off the finished product. Choose the paint colors you need. It is best to use acrylic and tempera paints.

Step 6

Gently use brushes to paint colors on the figurine's details. Use a toothpick or regular needle to apply finer details such as eyes, lips or buttons to a soldier's uniform. When applying paints, make sure that they do not mix. After painting one part, allow time for it to dry completely and only after that continue painting the rest of the parts and apply paints on top.

Step 7

Remove excess paint with a tissue paper. This must be done very carefully, otherwise you can smear it all over the figure. So that the paint lays down in an even layer and does not drip, dip the brush into a jar with the color you need, pull it out, wipe it on the edge of the jar and wait two minutes for the excess to drain back.

Step 8

Leave the finished figurine motionless for several days to dry completely. After a while, the tin soldier can be presented to the child. If desired, after painting the finished tin soldier, you can varnish it.

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