How To Take A Cover Photo

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How To Take A Cover Photo
How To Take A Cover Photo

Video: How To Take A Cover Photo

Video: How To Take A Cover Photo
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Many girls look with envy at the beautiful faces of models and actresses who are placed on the front pages and covers of fashion magazines, believing that they will never achieve the same beauty. In fact, much of this beauty lies in the successful work of the photographers and in the successful retouching - so you too can learn how to process portrait photos in Photoshop, bringing your images closer to images that are worthy of decorating the cover of a famous fashion magazine.

How to take a cover photo
How to take a cover photo


Step 1

Open your portrait photo. Select the Spot Healing Brush from the toolbar and, zooming in on the photo for convenience, remove minor skin imperfections - dots, pimples, freckles, hairs, dark spots.

Step 2

Duplicate the layer by clicking Duplicate Layer and then apply a Noise> Dust & Scratches filter to the photo with a radius of 5 pixels and a threshold of 0 pixels. Remove any remaining image defects such as scratches and dust particles. Click OK to blur the photo softly. Increase the blur by choosing Blur> Gaussian Blur from the filter menu with a radius of 2.

Step 3

Now in the filters menu choose the option Noise> Add Noise and add monochrome noise with a value of 0.7-10%.

Connect the layer mask by choosing Layer Mask> Hide All from the Layer menu. Select the Brush from the Toolbox and gently paint over the skin in the photo with white. If you applied white to the extra areas, paint over them with black to eliminate the error.

Step 4

Exit layer mask mode and duplicate the bottom layer. Then choose Sharpen> Smart Sharpen from the filter menu. Duplicate the previous layer and set the Blend Mode to Overlay. Go to the filters menu again and choose Other> High Pass to sharpen the look at the photos.

Step 5

Merge all the layers above the original. Use the Clone Stamp tool to remove any remaining blemishes on the face. Create a new layer and paint over the whites of the eyes with a white brush. Set the blending mode to Soft Light - the eyes will become brighter and whiter.

Step 6

Likewise, whiten your teeth if there is a smile in the photo. Merge the layers. Extend the lashes and tint the lips by tracing them on a new layer with the desired color, and then setting the blending mode of the layers to Overlay with an opacity of 70%.

Step 7

Use a layer mask with a black brush to remove the blur effect from the hair to make the hair look sharper. Do the same with the pupils. The retouching is over.