How To Draw A Daffodil

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How To Draw A Daffodil
How To Draw A Daffodil

Video: How To Draw A Daffodil

Video: How To Draw A Daffodil
Video: Learn how to draw a Daffodil Real Easy 2023, March

Delicate and graceful daffodils decorate flower beds every spring. Then spring ends, the wonderful yellow flowers fade. But you can save them in your album, and for this it is not at all necessary to dry the plant. Draw a daffodil. It can be either a part of a still life or a motive for an embroidery ornament.

How to draw a daffodil
How to draw a daffodil

It is necessary

  • - Paper;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - colored pencils or paints.


Step 1

Narcissus is a fairly tall flower on a thin stem, straight along its entire length and curved at the top. Therefore, for a still life, it is better to place the sheet vertically. If you are going to paint a drawing with watercolors, the paper can be pre-toned in a light blue or pale pink color.

Step 2

Draw a circle just above the middle of the sheet. You do not need to use a compass. It's okay that the circle drawn with a very thin pencil will turn out to be a little uneven. The shape of any living flower is slightly irregular. In the middle of the large circle, draw a small one. It should be 4-5 times smaller.

Step 3

Divide the large circle into six roughly equal parts. Put dots. These will be the tops of the petals. Draw very thin lines from them to the middle. Thus, you have divided into 6 approximately equal parts and a small circle.

Step 4

From each point of the inner circle, step back to the right and left at equal small distances and also put barely noticeable points. Connect them to the tops of the petals with arcs. Make dimples, bulges and other small irregularities on the arcs. Make sharp corners at the tops of the petals.

Step 5

Circle the middle of the flower with a thicker line. Draw a wavy circle around it. Take a thicker pencil and quickly fill in the inner circle with dots. There should be a lot of points, leave a minimum distance between them.

Step 6

Draw two parallel lines down from one of the lower petals at a very small distance from each other. They can be strictly vertical or run slightly at an angle to the underside of the leaf. At equal distances from each other, make small round bumps on the stem. Finish the lines at different heights and don't connect them at the bottom.

Step 7

You can draw long, pointed leaves of a daffodil. Start the leaf at the bottom, roughly where you ended the stem. Draw up a slightly curved line almost to the flower. The convex part of it should be on the side of the left edge of the paper. Draw the same line down from the end point, but let the convex part of it "look" in the other direction. Finish it some distance from the beginning of the first line. In the same way, you can draw a couple more leaves.

Step 8

Color the petals of the flower in an even pale yellow color. Make the middle bright yellow. Outline the edges of the petals and the wavy circle with an even darker yellow or even orange. Draw veins with a thin dark yellow pencil. Lead them from the top of the petal to the middle.

Step 9

Color the stem and leaves in an even green color. Circle in darker green. Draw veins on the leaves from the top of the leaf down. It is enough if there are 2-3 of them.

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