How To Draw Beautiful Numbers

How To Draw Beautiful Numbers
How To Draw Beautiful Numbers

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The ability to draw numbers beautifully is necessary, in particular, for caligraphists, specialists in making calendars. But any person is capable of doing this. They draw numbers both by hand and using special segment stencils. The article describes how to make a hi-tech style number template.

How to draw beautiful numbers
How to draw beautiful numbers


Step 1

Look at the various digital indicators found in calculators, electronic clocks, microwave ovens, and other similar devices. Pay attention to how the segments are located on them, which ones are on and which ones are off during the display of each of the digits from 0 to 9.

Step 2

Compare different digital indicators. You will find that, although the arrangement of the segments is usually the same, there are also differences in proportions (the ratio of the width of the familiar space to its height), the thickness of the segments, their shape (rectangular, rhombic, rounded), and the slope of the font. In addition, the indicators may display the numbers 6, 7 and 9 in different ways.

Step 3

Use a sheet cut from the middle of the plastic bottle as the base for the stencil. Rinse and dry it. Smooth it out (not with an iron) so that it becomes flat. Remove small chamfers from the corners of the sheet.

Step 4

Transfer the drawing of the segments with the proportions, shape and slope you like, having previously enlarged the image to the required size. Use a ruler and fine felt-tip pen to draw outlines. Then, using a model knife, cut holes that match the segments in position and shape.

Step 5

In order to draw a number using a stencil, attach it to a sheet of paper, then paint over the segment holes corresponding to the desired number with a felt-tip pen. If you want to create a shadow effect, apply it in one color, then move the stencil a little to the right and up, and then reapply the same number in a different color. Also, as with any other stencil, you can apply symbols by painting the segments not entirely, but only along the contour. But to paint over the jumpers, as in the case of a regular font stencil, in this case is not required.

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