How To Make A LEGO Tank Using The Most Common Parts

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How To Make A LEGO Tank Using The Most Common Parts
How To Make A LEGO Tank Using The Most Common Parts

Video: How To Make A LEGO Tank Using The Most Common Parts

Video: How To Make A LEGO Tank Using The Most Common Parts
Video: 10 Military Tanks you can make with 20 Lego pieces 2023, December

For the first time, tanks appeared on the front in the First World War, these formidable machines excited the blood and terrified the most vicious opponents. Decades later, not a single battle is complete without them. Any boy, playing war, more than once imagined himself inside this mighty machine, striking objects of enemies. Almost all military equipment can be made from paper, matchboxes, as well as molded from plasticine. But it is much more interesting to make a product from small Lego parts.

How to make a LEGO tank using the most common parts
How to make a LEGO tank using the most common parts

If you or your child is dreaming of assembling your own model of a tank, then the best option for an invention would be a Lego constructor. There are several ways to collect your dream model.


Assembling a tank from a specialized set of military equipment

There are several types of sets of military equipment, the most popular are the T-34 tank constructor, consisting of 209 parts, and the Inferno Interception, a set of Lego constructor Ultra Agents 70162, which includes 313 parts. In these episodes, you will see the building instructions for a top-notch tank with a rotating turret and a rising muzzle. Assemble the tank following the pictures step by step. And admire the resulting model with pride.

Collecting armored vehicles from existing cubes from other sets

This option is cheaper, but a little more complicated. Make armored vehicles using parts from other stock kits. Remember that any tank consists of a chassis, hull and turret. For the simplest model of a tank, use the Lego Technics Excavator Assembly Kit. If you act strictly according to the instructions, then the undercarriage will turn out to be on the tracks from the excavator, but otherwise show your imagination and assemble your own model of the tank.


Collecting a mini tank from ordinary Lego parts

  • take a 4x6 platform, attach the 2x4 and 4x4 platforms on top;
  • on the longitudinal sides from the bottom, attach the black 1x6 parts (2 pieces) - these are caterpillars;
  • take bricks with a bevel 2x4 (2 pieces), put them on top on opposite sides (perpendicular to the tracks). Install a 2x4 part between them - this is the base of the case;
  • making a tower - take a cube, preferably with a 4x4 "muzzle" and place it in the middle on top (for this purpose, a part with a wheel mount is suitable). For the muzzle, use a long bolt in size;
  • attach a 1x2 bevel brick to the tower - this is the final touch.

Building a tank is more difficult and larger

  • take platforms 8x6 and 4x6, place them next to each other. Attach blocks in sequence, starting from wide sides, from above along the edges 1x8, 1x4, 1x8, 1x4, 1x4 and 1x4;
  • install a brick with a 2x6 bevel on the front side of the product and fix the usual 1x6 and 1x4 blocks (how much will fit) - these are the walls;
  • repeat the action, use a block with a bevel and 1x6, 1x3 and 1x2 bricks for the front;
  • for the roof, take a platform 4x6 (2 pieces) and 2x6 (1 piece) - the production of the tank hull is completed;
  • proceeding to the design of the top of the tank - place a 2x2 flat piece in the center and fill the remaining space with smooth plates of different sizes;
  • Assemble the rear and front wheel systems separately, use the wheels themselves and the parts to mount them. Fasten at the bottom of the back and front of the tank. It turned out to be the basis.
  • assembly of the tower - on a 4x6 platform, fix units of one size different in length along the edges;
  • along the edges from the front side - 1x1 block (2 pieces) and 1x2 block in the middle;
  • at the edges we attach 1x1 blocks with brackets, and in the middle two 1x2 parts on top of each other;
  • place the muzzle in the center in the form of a long smooth stand;
  • fill the remaining wall with blocks with 1s, attach one row of bricks around the perimeter;
  • cover with a 4x6 platform;
  • place a block below that will set the entire structure in motion. Attach the tower to the base of the tank. The vehicle is ready for battle.