How To Weave Wreaths

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How To Weave Wreaths
How To Weave Wreaths

Video: How To Weave Wreaths

Video: How To Weave Wreaths
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A wreath is a beautiful and fragrant head ornament. It can be woven from almost any flowers, herbs, leaves and berries, since in summer there is abundance in our nature. Making wreaths is easy and simple. All you need is your favorite plants and a little patience.

How to weave wreaths
How to weave wreaths

It is necessary

Favorite plants, soft tree bark


Step 1

So, first decide what natural material you will be weaving your wreath from. Then collect everything you need. Pick up some flowers or leaves for decoration. If you like berries, then you need to pick them right from the stem - it will be easier to weave them into a wreath.

Step 2

If you want a wreath of only one flower, then it will be better to choose two or three types. This will make your creation look even more beautiful. Choose flowers with long and flexible stems. This is necessary so that the flowers are tightly woven and do not fall out of the wreath. Perfect for weaving chamomile, cornflowers, dandelions.

Step 3

Pick a few of the largest flowers. Fold them neatly into a bun. It will serve as the basis for your future wreath. The stems of each new element of the wreath will then wrap around this base.

Step 4

Weave each flower as close and tightly as possible to each other. Don't be afraid if there are too many flowers. Once crafted, your headpiece will dry out slightly and shrink in size. And with loose weaving, it will simply fall apart.

Step 5

Do not forget to try on your product as it is made. If you ignore this rule, then the wreath may turn out to be large, and then it will be great for you. Or vice versa, it will be small. In this case, you will have to untwist it and add plants. Any interference with a ready-made garment is not desirable, because once again crushes the flowers.

Step 6

Finish braiding only after making sure that the wreath is the right size for you. Fold the ends of the wreath together to complete the work. Hide all the tips and blades of grass in large base flowers. Tie the ends of the wreath with grass or soft tree bark.

Step 7

Your wreath is ready. It will be a worthy decoration and will highlight your natural beauty. Wear it outdoors, enjoying its aroma and uniqueness.