How To Decorate Slippers

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How To Decorate Slippers
How To Decorate Slippers

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Soft slippers are always associated with home comfort and warmth, and so that a pair of ordinary boring slippers warm not only the feet, but also the soul, you can decorate them with appliqué or bright patches.

How to decorate slippers
How to decorate slippers


Step 1

Apply appliqué on plain slippers. Anything can be used as a motive - flowers, leaves, stars. But a little stylized princess will look especially cute on slippers. To create it, cut three pieces of fabric: a circle for the head, an isosceles triangle for the dress, and a crown with teeth. Place the details on the surface of the front of the slipper, and create a basting seam. Sew on every detail with a buttonhole. Embroider the eyes and mouth of the princess. Embroider thin arms and legs with a stalk stitch, sew on shoes cut from a small piece of suede or leather. Decorate the princess dress with buttons or bugles.

Step 2

Decorate your slippers in the shape of animals, these indoor shoes are very popular now. You can use neat stitches to sew the plush fabric around the perimeter of the sock so that the front of the finished slipper is covered with soft material, or you can leave the slippers as they are. Sew the animal's ears. To do this, use two types of fabric - for the outer and inner parts of the ear. Turn them inside out, sew on the edge of the front of the slipper, while hiding the cut of fabric inward. Embroider the nose of the animal, antennae and eyes on the surface of the toe of the slipper. In order for the eyes to look like real ones, purchase plastic eyes with shifting pupils at a craft store; they are attached by gluing.

Step 3

Decorate your open toe slippers. To do this, choose two types of fabric, preferably contrasting in color. Cut out from each of them two isosceles triangles with a base of 7-8 cm, leave for an allowance of 0.7 cm. Fold the triangles in pairs, put a seam on the sewing machine on two long sides, turn out. Bend the edges of the base of the triangles inward, with small blind stitches sew this part of the part to the side of the toe of the slipper where the sole begins. Do the same on the other side. Tie the ends of the triangles into a knot over the base of the slipper.

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