How To Open Your Heart

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How To Open Your Heart
How To Open Your Heart

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The concept of "open heart" exists in Ayurveda - the basis of Indian religious culture. But Ayurveda is not a religion, it is confidential knowledge. She teaches that man is a particle of nature, Earth, Space. Everything that happens outside also happens in the inner world of a person. Everything that happens inside a person is reflected in the surrounding world. The transmission of energy goes through the heart, which must be opened.

How to open your heart
How to open your heart


Step 1

At the beginning of your life, your heart is still closed. You are just learning and going through the constant challenges that life provides for you to learn from them and become stronger. Only after you know your nature, you will gradually begin to devote your energy, your strength, talents and intellect to the service of the common good. But, according to the law of energy exchange, real bestowal is possible only through your open heart.

Step 2

Yogis, adherents of Ayurvedic philosophy, studied the structure of the human body and found energy-information centers in it, which they call chakras. Each chakra is characterized by a certain frequency, which coincides with the energy-informational characteristics of the planets and other objects of the Cosmos. If a person's heart is closed, he lives in dissonance with the Cosmos, which is the cause of many diseases.

Step 3

According to Ayurveda, you need to open your heart. Because it is a natural human condition in which he is in harmony with the world around him. Pride, greed and envy, anger and hatred can close the human heart and stop the exchange of energy with the Cosmos and nature. Eliminate these vices in yourself, do not let them become more active.

Step 4

The feeling that will open your heart is Love, which, like the Sun, burns all the negativity in your soul and body. True knowledge has always been carried to people by those who did not create religions and parties. And they brought their love to the world and people. They were considered saints.

Step 5

Live with an open heart and love. But love according to Ayurveda is not attachment to someone or something. It is acceptance of what is around you. This feeling will help you overcome your fears and doubts, it will make you fearless and the impossible possible. Happiness does not depend on the amount of money, power, health or beauty, it depends only on Love, which is based on an open heart.

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