How To Make Felt Flowers

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How To Make Felt Flowers
How To Make Felt Flowers

Video: How To Make Felt Flowers

Video: How To Make Felt Flowers
Video: DIY Felt Flower Tutorial 2023, March

It is always a pleasure to receive gifts, and even more so, gifts made with your own hands! Delight your girlfriend, sister or mother with this original felt flower brooch. Nowadays, felt accessories and jewelry are very popular and if you master the technique of making them, you will find yourself at the height of fashion!

How to make felt flowers
How to make felt flowers

It is necessary

white and colored wool for felting, laundry soap, water container, pimpled oilcloth, threads and a needle


Step 1

Put a piece of white wool on a pimpled oilcloth. To make the flower look natural, add a layer of wool in a different color, such as cream. Thus, by combining colors, you will achieve the volume of the flower and the uniqueness of your work.

Step 2

We cover the workpiece with warm soapy water from a spray bottle or just from a bottle. All layers of the flower should be well saturated (usually 3-4 layers).

Step 3

Cover the blank with the knobby side of the oilcloth and begin to roll and rub the wet wool. The same procedure can be done with the palm and fingers, as it is more convenient for anyone. Instead of oilcloth, you can use a mosquito net or a piece of tulle, they also prevent the wool from spreading.

Step 4

From friction, wool fibers begin to fall together. This process is slow and requires a lot of effort on your part. When the wool has already begun to dry, roll it together with the oilcloth into a tube and roll it like a rolling pin.

Step 5

Petal blanks are considered to be overheated if they have decreased by two or three times in comparison with the original volume. The surface should be uniform and dense, individual wool fibers should not be separated from the whole part. It is very good if blotches of the lower one are visible in the upper layer and vice versa.

Step 6

Shape the petals with your hands or with a needle and thread. Cut off excess fibers with scissors. The petals, depending on what kind of flower you are making from felt, can be inserted into each other or collected one at a time from the middle to the large outer petals.

Step 7

If you are making a flower with pistils and stamens, then pinch thin pieces of wool soaked in soapy water between your palms and roll until the wool dries. Insert the bundle of the resulting stamens into the middle of the flower and secure with a thread.

Step 8

For a natural-looking leaf, combine green and yellow, pulling out the strands one at a time and mixing them together. Fel in the same way as the petals. Pin the leaves to the bottom of the flower. Add extra bends to the details with a needle and thread wherever you think is necessary.

Step 9

A neatly and carefully felted flower will keep its shape well. But in order to make the product more smooth, brush it with a brush dipped in a solution of starch. Now, if you think it necessary to do this, decorate the flower with beads or rhinestones.

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