How To Make An Ottoman Out Of Plastic Bottles

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How To Make An Ottoman Out Of Plastic Bottles
How To Make An Ottoman Out Of Plastic Bottles

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Handmade things seem to radiate warmth, and they have a special aura. Try to create a useful thing from unnecessary materials - this is a fun process, often not particularly difficult. For example, what could be easier than an ottoman made of empty plastic bottles.

How to make an ottoman out of plastic bottles
How to make an ottoman out of plastic bottles

It is necessary

  • - empty plastic bottles with lids;
  • - stuffing material;
  • - scotch tape;
  • - thick cardboard;
  • - fabric for the cover.


Step 1

Screw the caps on the bottles tightly. Match the bottles so that they are the same height, even if they are not exactly the same size. Place them side by side and connect with tape. For greater structural strength, you can not fasten all at once, but three to five pieces. These sections are then fastened together. It will turn out again for the ottoman - it is quite sturdy and does not require additional adjustment. Such a product is also interesting in that almost no costs are needed for its manufacture, except, of course, the time spent. Plastic bottles are readily available material, old clothes can be used for stuffing, and it is not difficult to find fabric for a cover. Even if you purchase material for the cover and foam rubber for stuffing, the financial costs will be several times lower than if you bought such a product in a store.

Step 2

Place the resulting base on a sheet of thick cardboard - old boxes are perfect. Trace the base with a marker or pencil to get a pattern for the bottom. You will need to make two such blanks - the second for the top. Place the blanks under the bottom and on the top of the structure made of plastic bottles and also fix it with tape. This gives the structure more rigidity, and the cardboard circles help to distribute the pressure more evenly - the bottles can deform under the influence of weights.

Step 3

Cut out foam or padding polyester pads. You should have two circles and a rectangle - they will need to wrap the bottle design. Put the pads in place, adjust them evenly, pull and fasten together. Cut out the details for the cover and sew them.

Step 4

The upper seams of the ottoman cover can be additionally sheathed with a decorative seam, thick yarn, multi-colored laces. You can take small pieces of fabric for the seat and compose a composition from them. It is better to choose a coarser material of the same color for the bottom of the ottoman.

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