How To Check Wii Firmware Version

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How To Check Wii Firmware Version
How To Check Wii Firmware Version

Video: How To Check Wii Firmware Version

Video: How To Check Wii Firmware Version
Video: How to check/find your Wii System Menu Version or Firmware Version 2023, December

The Nintendo Wii is the seventh generation video game console, the company's fifth home console and the direct heir to the Nintendo GameCube. Prior to launching it on sale, it bore the codename Revolution - "Revolution". It is a complex device that requires an internet connection and regular system data updates. Sometimes it is simply impossible to find out such data as the firmware version without turning on the device.

How to check wii firmware version
How to check wii firmware version

It is necessary

  • - Wii controller;
  • - Wii game console;
  • - television.


Step 1

Firmware in the case of the Wii is an image of a permanent storage device intended for recording into the memory of a game console in order to update its firmware, as well as the actual process of recording this image into the non-volatile memory of the device. To find out the firmware version of your set-top box, you first need to connect it to your TV and run it.

Step 2

A distinctive feature of the Nintendo Wii game console is the unique Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus wireless controllers that respond to player movements. With the help of one of these controllers, you need to go to the set-top box menu, and then - its settings.

Step 3

In the settings of the set-top box, you do not need to click on any menu buttons, since the firmware version is indicated by a background label in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4

Often, no numbers or symbols are displayed on the setup menu screen. This means that the set-top box has not yet been flashed, that is, its firmware version is zero.

Step 5

If you intend to flash your game console, make sure that the discs you have will work correctly with the new firmware version. The fact is that the existing versions of the firmware were created for specific purposes and in some cases can cause non-fundamental failures of the console at certain points in time and with certain games.