How To Check And Checkmate

How To Check And Checkmate
How To Check And Checkmate

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Chess and checkmate is a position in chess in which one of the players won a duel. This is what both rivals are trying to achieve. To achieve check and checkmate, you need to put the opponent's king in a position in which he cannot move to a single cell, while not being threatened. So, what actions should be taken to achieve this goal?

How to check and checkmate
How to check and checkmate

It is necessary

  • - Chess;
  • - rival.


Step 1

Try to play with white pieces right away. Traditional chess rules stipulate that the player with white pieces must start the game, and if you are that player, you have a better chance of putting your opponent in check and checkmate. If you are forced to play black (tournaments generally require players to flip a coin before the match for the prestigious side), start moving towards victory anyway. Although sometimes it happens that the enemy will reveal your plan and will not allow you to implement it.

Step 2

Take your pawn from E-2 (fourth from the left; on the chessboard, letters are used horizontally and numbers are used vertically) to a strategic position, i.e. two fields forward (E-4). If you're lucky, your opponent will counter your pawn by moving his pawn into an attacking position. Or he can leave the position for you to attack. Either he can cut or retreat with his pawn. In any case, if he moves a pawn from F-7 to F-5, immediately check and checkmate.

Step 3

Take your queen and move her to open up space on the F-3 diagonal. If luck is on your side, the enemy will react by moving another pawn to the place of defense from your queen, attacking diagonally. If the pawn takes a different path to G-5, it will be possible to fix check and checkmate immediately as soon as the opponent removes his hand from the piece. In this case, the move will be considered valid in accordance with the rules of the tournament.

Step 4

Move the queen forward diagonally 3 more squares, placing it on H-5. From this position, there will already be a real threat to the opponent's king. Since at the beginning of the game the king is almost completely surrounded by other black chess pieces and can only move inward towards the queen, in this case check and checkmate are also fixed. You have won the fight!

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