How To Check A Golden Key Ticket

How To Check A Golden Key Ticket
How To Check A Golden Key Ticket

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You bought a ticket for the Golden Key lottery, but missed the live broadcast of the draw. Don't worry, you can check your ticket now - through the website. Suddenly you have won at least a small amount.

How to check a golden key ticket
How to check a golden key ticket

It is necessary

  • Lottery ticket;
  • participation in the drawing.


Step 1

Find a video of the drawing in which the ticket participated on the next page: The selection of the circulation number is carried out by following the links located at the top of this page in a line similar to the following. The numbers of the “Golden Key” editions: 684 683 682 681… 622. Having chosen the edition, watch its video by clicking on the link marked as “Video recording of the NNN edition”. To do this, you must have Flash Player installed

Step 2

If you do not have Flash Player or you are viewing the page with a mobile phone browser, find on that page of the print run you are interested in its results, expressed in text form. At the bottom of the page, find the numbers of the balls not dropped. Check if the numbers of at least one of them are present on the ticket. If there are none, your ticket is guaranteed to win at least a small amount. Continue checking your ticket.

Step 3

Check your ticket according to the rules located at the following link: At the same time, remember that the order of falling tickets corresponds to the direction from the end of the table on the page to its beginning. Since lottery rules are subject to change, periodically visit the above page to check for changes

Step 4

Also check to see if your ticket number is listed directly in the third column of the first six rows of the table. If it is there, you have won one of the big sums.

Step 5

In order to check the ticket in automatic mode, enter its number in the following form: Then select the draw number from the drop-down list, and then click the "Check" button. You will immediately know the result without tedious manipulation of the ticket and the table

Step 6

If you win, immediately find out how you can claim your winnings on the next page: Remember to pay tax on your winnings after you receive them.

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