How To Make A Ceramic Vase Table Lamp

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How To Make A Ceramic Vase Table Lamp
How To Make A Ceramic Vase Table Lamp

Video: How To Make A Ceramic Vase Table Lamp

Video: How To Make A Ceramic Vase Table Lamp
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Creative people love to equip their home. Using a creative approach and skillful hands, you can create extraordinary things from simple and readily available materials. If you have accumulated ceramic vases in your home, maybe it's time to turn them into original lamps.

How to make a ceramic vase table lamp
How to make a ceramic vase table lamp

Beautiful ceramic vase lamp

A desk lamp like this will give off a little light. It will make a wonderful night light. To make this lamp, choose a ceramic vase wide enough so that you can insert your hand through the neck into it. A regular rectangular vase is best suited for this purpose.

Purchase a socket and an energy-saving light bulb from the store. All this should fit in height inside the ceramic vase so that the light bulb does not stick out from the outside. You also need a wire with a switch and a plug.

At the bottom of the vase, mark with a marker the point through which the wire will enter inside. You need to make a hole. For ceramics, use a spear drill.

Beat off the enamel in the center of the hole so that the tip of the tool does not slip off at the first moment. This can be done manually with the same drill. Then put it to the vase and start working at minimum speed. Do everything carefully, pushing the drill smoothly without effort. Cool the vase and drill bit with water periodically. If you use a cordless drill, you can do all the work right under the tap.

Place a piece of plaster or masking tape over the place where you plan to make the hole. They will help keep the drill bit from sliding over the glossy surface of the ceramic vase.

Pull the wire through the hole and attach it to the socket. Glue the cartridge to the bottom of the vase. It must be well secured. After the glue has dried, screw the energy-saving lamp into the socket.

If the vase gets too hot while the light is on, drill a few more holes at the bottom for ventilation.

Vase table lamp

A table lamp with a lampshade based on a ceramic vase can decorate your interior. To do this, take a stable volumetric vase with a narrow neck.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the vase. Feel it gently with your finger. If there are any sharp burrs, sand them. Otherwise, the wire may fray in this place.

Tie a string to the end of the wire. Insert it through the hole into a ceramic vase and turn it over. The string will fall out and you can easily pull the wire out with it.

Try on the cartridge for the vase. If it falls inward, measure the diameter of the neck and cut a ring out of the hard plastic. The outer diameter of the ring must match in the top of the vase, and the lower part of the cartridge must be fixed to the inner diameter with transparent glue. Attach the wires to the terminals, glue the edges of the outer ring with glue and glue it to the neck of the vase.

Make a lampshade for your new lamp. You can decorate a ready-made one, taken from an old lamp, or make a new one on a metal frame. Unscrew the chuck and insert the metal frame into place. Screw on the socket and insert the bulb.

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