How To Make Glowing Laces From Available Tools

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How To Make Glowing Laces From Available Tools
How To Make Glowing Laces From Available Tools

Video: How To Make Glowing Laces From Available Tools

Video: How To Make Glowing Laces From Available Tools
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Luminous clothing items are a relatively new attribute of youth fashion. By decorating their belongings in this way, teens want to stand out from the crowd at parties or discos. Glowing laces are especially popular today. Such a wardrobe item can not only be ordered in specialized stores, but can also be made independently from improvised means.

How to make glowing laces from available tools
How to make glowing laces from available tools

You don't have to be an inventor or a lighting technician to make glowing laces with your own hands. All you need is fluorescent paints or silicone tubes, which can be easily purchased on the market in stalls with lighting fixtures.

How to create glowing laces with paint

You can use fluorescent and phosphorescent paints to create glowing laces. They are sold in LED shops as well as in stationery departments. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to soak ordinary laces in such paint and then let them dry in the sun.

If you want to use a phosphorescent dye for dyeing laces, keep in mind that it glows only in absolute darkness and only if it has managed to be charged with light energy during the day. Therefore, before going to the party, you need to place the dyed laces under any light source for several hours.

Fluorescent paints, on the other hand, glow only when exposed to a daylight or artificial light source. In total darkness, they do not manifest themselves in any way.

The length of time the laces will light up will depend on the quality of the paint you purchased. Too cheap paint is washed off after the first wash. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to save on the purchase of goods such as luminescent paints.

How to make LED laces

To make LED laces, you will need 1 silicone tube, 4 LEDs and 4 coin batteries. When choosing a silicone tube, pay attention to its diameter: it should fit perfectly under the laces of your sneakers or sneakers.

The purchased tube must be divided into 2 laces (1 m each). Next, the laces are filled with liquid silicone so that the light is evenly distributed along their entire length. At the ends of each cord, an LED light is sealed with wires outward.

The next step is attaching the batteries. It is best to solder the batteries yourself to the outside LED wires. If you want to save time, you can simply clamp the battery between the wires and fill it with strong glue.

To avoid wasting the battery charge, you can build a small switch that will interrupt the contact between the LED and the battery.

The above methods of creating "luminescent" laces do not require a lot of time and money. The whole process will take you no more than an hour, but as a result you will get very fashionable and original shoes.

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