Vinokur's Wife: Photo

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Vinokur's Wife: Photo
Vinokur's Wife: Photo

Video: Vinokur's Wife: Photo

Video: Vinokur's Wife: Photo
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Vladimir Natanovich Vinokur spent his whole life with the only woman - Pervakova Tamara. And few people know that initially this strong and long-term marriage was fictitious, and there was no question of love between the spouses.

Vinokur's wife: photo
Vinokur's wife: photo

Vladimir Vinokur and Tamara Pervakova have been married for over 40 years. This strong union survived all the hardships, according to the spouses, only thanks to mutual respect and patience. So who is she - the wife of one of the best humorists in Russia? How did she manage and still manage to keep her marriage with a man from show business - an imposing, amorous joker?

Vladimir Vinokur - artist and husband

Vladimir Natanovich Vinokur - artist, singer, founder of the Theater of Parody. The first popularity came to him on the day he was born - March 31, 1948. A note appeared in the newspaper of his hometown that a real hero was born in one of the maternity hospitals - a boy weighing 4 kg.

Little Volodya was unprepossessing - plump, with crooked legs, silent and uncommunicative. In order to somehow stir up their son, his parents took him to a music school. And it was there that Volodya revealed himself. It turned out that the boy sings beautifully, he even received an award for the best performance of a patriotic song from the hands of Gagarin himself.

He also needed Vladimir's artistic skills when he first saw his future wife, Tamara Pervakova. They met when Vinokur was already 25, he graduated from GITIS and began working in the theater. They played together in the play, and the roles of children, since both were short and very youthful.

Fictitious marriage?

Tamara was 5 years younger than Vladimir, but much more serious. She perceived her boyfriend's jokes with hostility, and the young man decided to change his tactics. He, too, began to address the girl as "you", behaved with restraint, courted beautifully - he gave flowers, spoke subtle compliments, invited her to serious events, and not to the cinema or to a cafe.

Tamara was adamant, she didn't even want to hear about romantic relationships and, moreover, about love. Vladimir Natanovich was helped by a chance - in order to keep her grandmother's apartment, Tamara urgently needed to get married. The distiller, of course, offered his help in such a delicate matter.


The wedding of Vinokur and Pervakova took place in 1975. The celebration was somewhat strange - the bride turned to the groom for "you", there were no kisses and warm congratulations. It was impossible to believe at that moment that this fictitious marriage would turn into a long family life. But Vladimir Natanovich made every effort to ensure that the fictitious wife fell in love with him, and he succeeded.

For 12 years, the couple tried to have a child, went hand in hand all the difficulties and trials, and achieved what they wanted. In 1985, their daughter, Anastasia, was born. Another test for the couple was the accident, which Vladimir Natanovich got into in 1992. He got to his feet only thanks to his wife. Even the doctors, unlike Tamara, did not believe in his complete recovery.

What does Vinokur's wife do - Tamara Pervakova

Vinokur's wife Tamara Pervakova is a professional ballerina. Before the birth of her daughter, she was seriously pursuing a career, worked in the Moscow Operetta Theater, and did not plan to become a housewife. But, when the long-awaited daughter was born, she changed her mind.

In 1995, Tamara Viktorovna retired from the theater, took up only her daughter and husband. This decision was approved by everyone - the demanding mother-in-law, relatives, except her husband. Vladimir Natanovich, of course, liked the fact that he had a reliable rear, but he wanted Tamara to develop professionally, not to close herself in 4 walls.

And Tamara Vladimirovna took up a career, but not her own, but Nastina. From early childhood, the daughter of Vinokur and Pervakova studied at the school of classical dance, then graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, became a professional ballerina. Now Anastasia Vinokur is a ballerina of the BHT troupe, and quite successful, and promising, according to critics. And in many respects this is the merit of Vladimir Vinokur's wife and Anastasia Vinokur's mother, Tamara Pervakova.

The wisdom of Vinokur's wife and Jewish traditions

It's no secret that Vladimir Natanovich is very attached to his mother, and still eats breakfast with her every day. Not every wife would accept such affection, but not Tamara Viktorovna.

When Vladimir announced to his family about his decision to marry a ballerina, his mother betrayed - and there are not many artists for one family. Already at the age of 20, Tamara Pervakova was endowed with wisdom and patience, which made it possible to achieve the location of a strict and demanding mother-in-law.

Now Tamara is the beloved daughter-in-law of Anna Yulievna Vinokur. Women are very close, and they are united by their love for Vladimir Natanovich. Moreover, as they both note, there is no jealousy for each other, and was not originally.

Tamara Viktorovna respects and understands the fact that her husband is a mother's son, and devotes a lot of time to communicating with her, even bought housing for her mother within walking distance.