The Best Robbery Movies

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The Best Robbery Movies
The Best Robbery Movies

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A large number of films were filmed about grandiose robberies, in which their creators performed brilliant scams and machinations, not depriving the main characters of the charm and sympathy of the audience. Throughout the history of cinema, many brilliant and titled films have been shot on this topic, but only a few of them were recognized as the best.

The best robbery movies
The best robbery movies


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One of the most popular films of this genre is "The Italian Robbery", which tells the story of the bandit Charlie, robbed by his own subordinate, who tried to drown the van with the boss in the river. Surviving after the betrayal, Charlie decides to return his money, but not just take it, but pull off the robbery of the century, which will be remembered for a long time.

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Robbery films are prized primarily for their intense plots, gangster atmosphere and morality about luck that always accompanies the brave. Therefore, the Polish film "Vabank", which became a cult film for the generation of the 80s and 90s, is no less popular. It takes place in pre-war Poland, where the legendary bank robber Quinto, just released from prison, plans to end theft and start a new decent life. However, circumstances force Quinto not only to "lay eyes" on the Polish bank again, but also to beautifully revenge on his former friend.

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The classic film of this genre is How to Steal a Million. Its main highlight was a terrific robbery, which was accomplished with just a boomerang, a fire bucket, wire, chalk and a magnet. It also used a plan that was ingenious in its simplicity, which did not require sophisticated technical innovations, weapons and other typical attributes of theft for execution.

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It was from Hollywood films that viewers could learn about many grandiose robberies that really existed. A truly cult film is Ocean's Eleven, which tells the story of eleven bosom comrades who decided to pull off a grand robbery of one outrageous billionaire. However, in preparation for their ingenious scam, the friends understand that the object of the future robbery himself threw them a daring challenge, deciding to test their shenanigans for strength and sophistication.

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The best robbery movie according to many ratings and opinions of eminent critics is the magnificent Thomas Crown Affair. Stylish, elegant and intelligent, the story follows a bored millionaire who commits the perfect scam and rob the bank of $ 2 million. This case is led by a young female investigator who gets close to a millionaire in order to bring him to clean water - but he already plans to make her his accomplice and commit a second robbery right in front of her nose.

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