How To Change A Men's Shirt Into A Blouse

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How To Change A Men's Shirt Into A Blouse
How To Change A Men's Shirt Into A Blouse

Video: How To Change A Men's Shirt Into A Blouse

Video: How To Change A Men's Shirt Into A Blouse
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Even a dress shirt can become unnecessary or annoying. Perhaps her collar is frayed or a stain has appeared that cannot be removed by any means. Maybe she doesn't fit a new suit or her husband just doesn't want to wear it. In a word, there can be many reasons to remake a shirt into something new. And there are also many ways to sew an elegant blouse out of it.

How to change a men's shirt into a blouse
How to change a men's shirt into a blouse

It is necessary

  • - shirt;
  • - threads to match;
  • - braid;
  • - linen elastic;
  • - sewing accessories.


Step 1

Examine and try on the shirt. If your husband is just tired of it, but at the same time looks good and sits on you not too freely, you can not alter it at all. Find a matching tie that will cover the clasp and wear a new blouse with a business suit.

Step 2

Use a shirt that is large enough to make a gathered blouse. In this case, you can do without a pattern. Unfasten the collar and placket. Cut off the part of the fastener where the buttons were. Expand the neck. You can cut a half-ring out of cardboard, the inner diameter of which is equal to the half-girth of the neck, and the outer diameter is 5-7 cm larger. Align the inside diameter of the piece with the neck and circle the outside. Trim the tops of the front and back along the marked line.

Step 3

In the center of the shelf, sew a tape that fits the width. It should be slightly longer than the product itself so that the insert can be folded at the bottom.

Step 4

Cut out the neckline. It consists of 2 half rings 4-5 cm wide. The length of the inner arc is equal to the cutout of the shelf or back. Remember to leave seam allowances. Treat the neck. Insert the elastic into the resulting drawstring.

Step 5

Cut off the cuffs and sew up the incisions, if any. Fold and hem the sleeves, insert elastic. You can make straight wide sleeves with lace inserts. Cut off the lower pieces about halfway between the elbow and shoulder. Adjust the lower fragments themselves in length (the cuffs are cut off in any case). Sew lace strips or braid between the pieces.

Step 6

The details of the shirt can also be used simply as large pieces of fabric. This is convenient if the shirt is large, and you want to make something much smaller, for example, a strict narrow blouse. Unwrap the shirt, wash and iron the details. The cutting rule is simple: cut the details of a new blouse from similar ones. In general, try to use what you have to the maximum. You can even sew on a much larger collar to a new blouse. Cut it in half, remove as much as needed, and sew again. The seam should be at the back. You can also take cuffs and pockets that have already been finished.

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