Vyacheslav Olkhovsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Vyacheslav Olkhovsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Vyacheslav Olkhovsky: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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The simplest calculations confirm that many children with good voices were born in the Soviet Union. In music schools, talented children received quality training. Vyacheslav Olkhovsky was given a voice in a specialized college.

Viacheslav Olkhovsky
Viacheslav Olkhovsky

Starting conditions

The future pop singer was born on May 1, 1961 in an intelligent family. The boy's parents lived in the city of Grozny. Various music and dance competitions were regularly held here. Vyacheslav, at an early age, was brought to the performances of famous singers and artists of the spoken genre. When the age approached, he was enrolled in a comprehensive school and in a music school. The boy studied well. He managed to combine literature and solfeggio lessons.

Having received a certificate of maturity, Olkhovsky decided to enter the music college, which was located in the city of Baku. In this educational institution, the famous Soviet singer Muslim Magomayev gave lessons in vocal skills. The future pop performer never missed these classes. Communication with an outstanding cultural figure had a huge impact on the work of Vyacheslav Olkhovsky. After college, he received a higher musical education at the Moscow Gnessin Institute of Music.

On the professional stage

In the early stages, the career of the young singer was not very successful. It turned out to be very difficult to break through to the stage in Moscow without appropriate connections. The ambitious performer did not want to move to the province. One of the real ways out, which was given to "visiting" artists, was to work in restaurants or other entertainment establishments. Olkhovsky sang in a restaurant and learned well how the owners of life behave on vacation. He made good money, but he endured the lordly-boorish attitude with great difficulty.

In the mid-90s, the situation in the country became completely unbearable. Almost everyone was engaged in privatization and business. The turn had not yet reached the cultural development. Then Vyacheslav decided to continue his vocal career abroad. As part of a troupe of Russian artists, he went on a long-term tour of Latin America. The imposing appearance and voice of the singer were in demand in distant countries. The earnings turned out to be quite decent.

Personal life plots

In the early 2000s, Olkhovsky returned to his native shores. A quite civilized show business has already formed here. The experience of performing at various venues turned out to be in demand in Russia. Many fans and music critics did not miss the opportunity to remember that the singer received the personal blessing of the Pope. In the biography of Vyacheslav, this case is marked with a separate paragraph. It is not often that Russian singers are praised in the Vatican.

Many legends and fantasies have been told and written about Olkhovsky's personal life. The singer does not deny or confirm the "fried" facts that appear in newspapers and on television. It should be noted that with a huge opportunity to choose a wife for himself, Vyacheslav did not dare to make a decision. To date, he is quite satisfied with the position of an enviable groom.

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