How To Make A Whiteboard

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How To Make A Whiteboard
How To Make A Whiteboard

Video: How To Make A Whiteboard

Video: How To Make A Whiteboard
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Whiteboards are very popular in conducting briefings, trainings, presentations and demonstrating various types of projects to the public. In fact, it is quite possible to make a whiteboard yourself.

How to make a whiteboard
How to make a whiteboard

It is necessary

  • - glass with a thickness of 2 mm and dimensions of 120x80 cm;
  • - aluminum profile 20x10 mm of rectangular section;
  • - a tube made of aluminum or steel, with a diameter of 10 mm;
  • - furniture castors - 4 pcs.;
  • - bolts 30 mm with lock nuts;
  • - tap for thread 4 mm;
  • - white oil paint;
  • - wrench.


Step 1

Take an aluminum profile and using a grinder or a metal file, saw off two identical pieces of 50 cm, 100 cm and 122 cm in length.

Step 2

To make parts from segments 50 cm long, take an electric drill with a metal drill with a diameter of 4 mm and make through holes exactly in the center at a distance of 10 mm from each other. On the same side, stepping back 1 cm from the ends, drill one layer of the profile for attaching furniture wheels.

Step 3

Install furniture casters. To do this, insert them into the prepared holes at the ends and, using a wrench, screw the nuts onto the ends of the fasteners, tighten them until they stop. Use a locknut as a spacer. She will not allow the wheels to unscrew on their own.

Step 4

File the ends to prevent injury or injury while using the whiteboard.

Step 5

To prepare the profile fasteners at the end of the profile with a length of 100 cm, make cuts with a depth of 10 mm using a grinder. Bend them so that they are across the cross-section of the profile. Using an electric drill and a 4 mm drill, drill two holes in the folded petals at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Tap the threads in these holes. You have a profile fastener.

Step 6

Drill two holes at marks 5, 50 cm from the profile mount and one hole at the end of the free end of the profile, stepping back from the edge 1 -2 cm. Screw the finished part with wheels to the profile mount.

Step 7

Take the lengths of 122 cm and fix the profile fasteners at each end. Assemble the breadboard stand using the bolts.

Step 8

Take a 10 mm diameter aluminum or steel tube and cut two pairs of 80 and 120 cm pieces. Using a grinder, make a cross-cut along the entire length of the tubes. In the segments 80 cm long, drill through holes exactly in the middle for attaching to the stand. Insert the bolts into them so that their caps are inside the tubes.

Step 9

To make a whiteboard canvas, take a piece of ordinary glass and paint it with several coats of white paint (preferably from a spray gun), each time waiting for the previous layer to dry. Place the glass on the breadboard stand, with the unpainted side facing up, and secure.

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