How To Draw A Sleigh

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How To Draw A Sleigh
How To Draw A Sleigh

The mood of the picture is made up of little things. Therefore, even an ordinary object can convey the thought that you wanted to express with the image. It is worth drawing the simplest sleigh - and the audience will feel the tingling of frost, the noise of the wind and the smell of pine needles.

How to draw a sleigh
How to draw a sleigh


Step 1

Place the sheet horizontally. Divide it into four equal parts. With a light outline, outline the location of the sleigh - most of them fall on the upper left section of the sheet.

Step 2

To "put" the sled on the snow, turn their front part towards the lower right corner. To do this, mentally draw the axis through the entire seat of the sleigh and deflect it from the vertical axis of the sheet to the left by about 23 degrees. When the drawing is complete, with the correct tilt, the vertical center axis will pass through the nails on the first and second planks of the sled.

Step 3

Divide the lower left part of the sheet with a horizontal line in half. Draw runners from this line up to the central horizontal axis. Tilt this narrow rectangle slightly to the right.

Step 4

Measure the length of the leftmost plank on the sled seat. It is about 1.7 times longer than the height of the runners and is deflected to the left. Next, draw four more slats that make up the seat. Visually, the distance between the back of the boards is narrower than between the front ends. Moreover, each of the planks is wider in front than in the background.

Step 5

Mark the runners covered with snow with straight lines. They are not parallel with the outermost planks of the sled, but approach them in the background.

Step 6

Finish the sketch to perfection. Add volume to each of the parts of the sled by drawing their sides. Erase all construction lines.

Step 7

Color the drawing with any paint. First, apply light tones to the lighted parts of the sled. Then complicate and darken the shade on the sides of the boards.

Step 8

Accentuate the natural shade of the snow with gentle clean reflexes in its grooves and in the shadow cast by the sled.

Step 9

To draw a larger sled (for example, Santa Claus or Santa Claus sleigh), use the same construction principles. Just bend the runners more gracefully and add patterned side and back walls to the seat.