How To Draw Snow With A Pencil

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How To Draw Snow With A Pencil
How To Draw Snow With A Pencil

Video: How To Draw Snow With A Pencil

Video: How To Draw Snow With A Pencil
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When painting snow, it is important to achieve a soft, smooth transition from one color to another. The easiest way to do this is with paints. However, you can draw drifts with pencils. The main thing is to correctly distribute the shadows on the surface of the snow cover.

How to draw snow with a pencil
How to draw snow with a pencil

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - eraser;
  • - colour pencils.


Step 1

Take a white sheet of watercolor paper. For drawing, you will need pencils in different shades of blue and cyan - from very light to deep blue-black. It is best to take watercolor or pastel pencils - they fit softer on paper and are better shaded. However, regular colored pencils will work as well.

Step 2

Use the lightest blue to mark the stream bed, outlining its uneven contours and leaving room for small snow bumps in the center. Paint over the water immediately. In the lower left and upper right parts of the sheet, add strokes of the darkest bluish black. Use dark blue and indigo around the snow islands - the snow reflects in the water, so it appears lighter.

Step 3

To make the snow visible in the drawing, you need to draw shadows. With a dark blue pencil, shade the drifts along the stream on the left bank. At the water itself, use a more saturated shade, then add a lighter stripe a little higher, try to make the border between the zones invisible, soft. To do this, at the junction of the two shades, leave gaps between the strokes of a dark pencil and add light lines between them.

Step 4

Shade the entire surface of the snow in the upper left corner, make lighter shading on the surface of the snow, without affecting the areas above the shadows near the water. In dark blue, mark the places where covered bushes can be seen under the snowdrifts. Moving from the edges of such a spot to the center, pick up pencils in more saturated shades.

Step 5

Shadows from trees fall on the right bank. Draw them, clearly outlining all branches and trunks. Make sure that the contour of the shadow is not brighter than the shade of the entire "spot" as a whole. In addition to falling shadows, its own shadows are visible on the snow - they are formed due to the fact that the surface of the snowdrifts is uneven. Add these shadows too - they are lighter, and their outlines are very blurry.

Step 6

Draw the trees in blue with the addition of gray. To make the snow caps visible on the branches, circle them with a fuzzy light blue border along the top of the snow embankment. The shadow should get lighter as you get closer to the branch.