How To Make A Brush

How To Make A Brush
How To Make A Brush

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The brush can be great to make yourself, there would be desire, imagination and a sense of humor.

You can make a brush for cleaning, or you can make a body
You can make a brush for cleaning, or you can make a body

It is necessary



Step 1

Take a broom. Cut off the upper part from it, leaving only the lower "tier". In place of the "handle" of the broom insert the handle from the shovel. The wonderful long-handled brush is ready! But this is, of course, the easiest way to make a brush. For those who are not looking for easy ways, there is a more graceful way.

Step 2

Catch the pig. Pull the bristles out of it. If a pig you come across is aggressive and it makes it clear with all its appearance that against being pulled out of it, you will have to euthanize it first. For a little while, don't be alarmed. To do this, lure the pig with some delicacy, for example, sugar, and let her smell the cotton wool with chloroform. Well, when the pig falls asleep, quickly start tugging at the stubble. If you come across a low-bristled pig, you will have to use the backs of a few more pigs, nothing can be done about it.

Step 3

When you pull on enough stubble, you can wake the pigs up and feed them a hearty meal in gratitude. Divide the bristles into bunches, tie each bunch with a fishing line at the top. Then fasten the resulting bundles together. We will not use the finished pen, otherwise it will turn out too simple. Better to find a dry tree, cut it down, and cut the handle out of it as long as you want your brush handle to be. Sand it thoroughly so as not to get a splinter inadvertently. Now attach the handle to the brush. And you can show off your own brush!

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