What Can You Make A Fishing Rod Float

What Can You Make A Fishing Rod Float
What Can You Make A Fishing Rod Float

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Great floats can be made from scrap materials. It is important to know what form they are and in what conditions they are used. The simplest floats can be made from goose feathers.

The float can be made from scrap materials
The float can be made from scrap materials

The rigging of the float rod must be balanced. That is, you need to correctly select all its components: float, hook, fishing line, sinker, leashes.

What are floats?

The most popular are oblong floats. They are easiest to make on your own and are very good for fishing on rivers with calm, slow currents or in places where the water is still. These floats respond perfectly to the slightest movement of the hook, for which they are loved by all anglers.

Pear-shaped floats are more stable in the water, therefore they can be used for fishing on rivers with fast currents. Sports anglers prefer to use rigs without an antenna, which allows them to catch a subtle bite. Recently, flat floats have come into vogue, which have proven themselves well when fishing in rapid current conditions.

What to make a float from?

Judging by the feedback from the fishermen, their container, which is inside the "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg, turns out to be a good rig. In order to make a float out of it, you will need to drill two small holes at the top and bottom of the plastic container. After that, you need to pass a thin cocktail tube through them. If not, you can use a plastic chupa chups core. In any of the tubes, you need to close the holes. This can be done using any waterproof material: plasticine, clay, silicone sealant, epoxy resin.

Most often, they make foam floats with their own hands. The denser this material, the easier it is to make the rig of the desired shape. It can be anything: pear-shaped, oblong, flat. After the float has been cut out, it must be processed with fine-grained sandpaper. Then you need to make a through hole in it. For this purpose, it is best to use a bamboo stick, with which you need to pierce the float first on one side, then on the other. This precaution is required because the foam can crumble. Further, the equipment is coated with any quick-drying varnish or paint.

The easiest way to equip a fishing rod is to make a goose or crow feather float. To do this, first cut off all the feathers, and carefully burn the rod. This rig can be dyed or left in its natural color. In order for the float not to sink or lie on the surface of the water, you should choose the right sinker. Another easy way to make a rig is to use champagne corks.

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